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Elemental, Heavy Metal

Out of the molten magma sea arises a mass of shiny metal. Somewhere between liquid and solid, the featureless blob forms into roughly humanoid shape with large flat appendages and glowing red eyes.

Languages Terran


Environment any hot
Organization solitary, pair, or gang (3–8) Treasure none


Elemental Immunities (Ex)

Elementals are immune to the following effects unless a specific effect states that it works against elementals: bleed, critical hits, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning. An elemental can’t be flanked.

Forced Conduction (Ex)

A heavy metal elemental takes no damage from fire, but its thermally conductive mass does heat up, making its natural attacks searing hot. If the creature has been attacked with fire damage within the last round or is in direct contact with a fire source, its slam attacks deal fire damage in additional to normal damage. If the creature has taken cold damage within the last round, the creature’s body cools down and slam attacks do not add this damage.

Hurl Magma (Ex)

Heavy metal elementals can form wide, flat, shovel-like arms that can scoop up and toss nearby material with surprising accuracy. If the material is magma, the attack also deals fire damage equal to the creature’s forced conduction damage.

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