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Elemental, Corrupted (Bone)


    This shambling amalgamation of bone and petrified wood seems a twisted mockery of the humanoid form. Sickly light seeps in through the otherwise hollow eye sockets of its assorted craniums.

    Languages Sylvan


    Bone Break Aura (Ex)

    The elemental radiates an aura that affects bones and wood, gnawing at their structural integrity. Creatures within a 20- ft. radius are exhausted as long as they remain within the aura and for one round after unless they succeed at a Fortitude save. Additionally, creatures that fail the save take 1 point of Dexterity damage each time they take damage from a bone elemental while still exhausted.

    Creatures without bones that are also not of the plant type are immune to this ability.

    Elemental Immunities (Ex)

    Elementals have immunity to the following effects: bleed, critical hits, flanking, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.

    Shattering Stride (Ex)

    A bone elemental can move at its full speed through undergrowth and other plant-based difficult terrain similar to a wood elemental’s plant stride. In addition, it can burrow through bones, wood or plant matter, living or dead, as easily as a fish swims through water. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel, nor does it create any bulge or other sign of its presence. Additionally, when a bone elemental emerges from any material it traversed using its shattering stride, it does so amid a spray of splinters, bone fragments, or shards of petrified wood, dealing CR*1d4 points of piercing damage to any creature in an adjacent square.


    Environment any
    Organization solitary, pair, or charnel (3–6)

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