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Elemental, Corrupted

Familiar elementals warped and twisted by sudden changes to their environment or Plane can become corrupted beyond recognition. These former elementals cluster near their homes, or what remains of them, yearning for normalcy. Over time, these pitiable creatures corrupt the very landscape around them as if in their own, agonized way they seek to reverse the changes that created them.

Bone Elementals

Bone elementals are the warped remains of former wood elementals, now wearing physical bodies of splintered bone and petrified wood.

Ice Elementals

Many of the hulking monstrosities remain frozen within glaciers. The ice, however, only traps them fully during the colder months, and when they do surface during the summer thaw, they rampage against any living thing that crosses their path.

Blood Elementals

Twisted into viscous, crimson aberrations, blood elementals are the remains of water elementals left stranded from their homes. Most of the violent, rampaging creatures are blessedly trapped, locked away in underground salt formations. Blood elementals are most often encountered by mining operations that accidentally drill or tunnel into the salt domes that most frequently serve as their prisons, releasing them to wreak their own manner of poisonous havoc.

Vacuum Elementals

Vacuum elementals are all that remain of air elementals, and most float adrift in the cold and airless depths of space. Those encountered by ships in transit are an incredible danger as they possess the ability to consume atmosphere, leading to more than one ship drifting to its destination with only the bloody-eyed corpses of its suffocated crew left to bear witness to their killers.

Radiation Elementals

Radiation elementals are the brilliant, deadly evolution of corrupted fire elementals. They blight and warp huge stretches of forest, leaving it blighted and dead. More commonly, they appear deep underwater, where they emerge from deep sea vents and rifts, brilliantly illuminating the water with an eerie ghost-light of burning, blinding blue-white radiation.

Ruin Elementals

Former earth elementals, ruin elementals are found adrift on their own in space, or enveloped within asteroids. The ruin elementals seem obsessed with destroying any newly built structures, making them a bane upon settlements and mining operations.

Aether Elementals

The rarest of the corrupted elementals are those formerly associated with the mysterious element of aether. These once bright, ethereal and mysterious creatures are now reduced to things of darkness, like clouds of nothingness with fangs and claws of black glass. The wraith-like abominations sow ruin in their wake. Blessedly, the creatures are exceptionally few in number, but their appearance seems almost random, with no specific world laying claim to their origin, which remains a mystery that few are eager to explore.

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