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Demon, Babau

Babau CR 7 (Combatant)

XP 3,200
CE Medium outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +14


HP 105
EAC 19; KAC 21
Fort +11; Ref +9; Will +6
Defensive Abilities protective slime; DR 10/cold iron or good; Immunities electricity, poison; Resistances acid 10, cold 10, fire 10; SR 18


Speed 30 ft.
Melee unholy sentinel spear +18 (2d6+12P); or claw +18 (2d6+12S)
Offensive Abilities trick attack +4d8
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 7th)

At willteleport (self plus 5 bulk of objects only)
3/day-darkness*, see invisibility
1/daydispel magic, summon ally (1 babau 35%)

*see Starfarer’s Companion


Str +5; Dex +2; Con +4; Int +2; Wis +1; Cha +2
Skills Mysticism +14, Sleight of Hand +14, Stealth +19
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic; telepathy 100 ft.
Gear unholy sentinel spear


Protective Slime (Su)

A layer of acidic slime coats a babau’s skin. Any creature that strikes a babau with a natural attack or unarmed strike takes 1d8 points of acid damage from this slime if it fails a DC 15 Reflex save. A creature that strikes a babau with a melee weapon must make a DC 15 Reflex save or the weapon takes 1d8 points of acid damage; if this damage penetrates the weapon’s hardness, the weapon gains the broken condition. Ammunition that strikes a babau is automatically destroyed after it inflicts its damage.

Trick Attack (Ex)

This functions as the operative ability.


Environment any (Abyss)
Organization solitary, pair, or gang (3-8)

Demons are fiends that originate from a terrifying realm known as the Abyss. It is a place of pure chaos and pure evil, where a constant war is waged to destroy all of creation. Every living creature… every city… every plant… every standing mountain… entire worlds, if possible, are the ideal target of destruction for a demon.

Demons exist solely to destroy everything they see. While their fiendish counterparts – the devils – seek to manipulate mortal minds and souls, demons desire only to annihilate them. They feed off suffering, mayhem, ruin, and conflict.

Unlike devils, who were once either fallen angels from Heaven or mortals that have had their souls corrupted into a fiendish form, demons are beings created from pure chaos. They are spawned by the foul corruption of the Abyss; an infinite realm of cruelty and depravity. Whenever great death and destruction occurs in the mortal realms, demons begin spawning in ever greater numbers in the Abyss; the wake of destruction seems to call these fiends into existence.

The many different demonic realms of the Abyss are uninhabitable by mortal standards. The rivers and seas are made of acid. The air is poisonous to breathe. Even the land and its plant life seek to devour any unfortunate enough to not watch their step. Demons are properly suited to exist in an environment such as this.

The babau are the assassins of the demon ranks.

They delight in murder and sadism; their stealth setting them apart from their more overt demon-kin.

They take pride in devising means of slowly killing their targets, inflicting the greatest amount of pain while staving off death – and thus the end of the suffering – of their victims.

A babau appears to be a skeletal humanoid beast. Its skin is stretch taught over the demon’s wiry frame. The skull-like head of the babau is distinctively arrayed with a singular curved horn at its back. The body of the demon constantly oozes a caustic blood-like secretion.

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