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Trox are massive, sturdy creatures with chitinous armor and a fearsome, mandibled countenance that belies their gentle spirits.

Three distinct, related creatures have been called trox.

The original trox were eight-legged arthropods. Spellcasters made four of the trox’s eight legs into powerful limbs, shaped mandibles into scythes, and transformed chitin into layered armor plates that can flare in an intimidating display.

Many of these humanoid trox were then encased in shielded asteroids and ejected from orbit at magically enhanced speeds in myriad directions. The asteroids landed on several worlds in their home system. Duergar enslaved the trox that landed and twisted them into murderous beasts.

Although they were created as emissaries, trox also make great soldiers.

Trox often serve as spiritual guides and advisors to those curious about the goddess of diplomacy and peace, as well as protector of the weak, a role for which trox are also well equipped.

Trox travel more often to teach and protect others than to seek adventure. Despite their might, they prefer to use their imposing presence to defuse conflict before it starts.

Trox devoted to the goddess of diplomacy and peace wield hammers. To trox, these weapons are ancient symbols of constructive power, and are also useful for vanquishing threats to peace.