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Jububnan Raconteur

Jububnan Raconteur CR 8

XP 4,800
Jububnan witchwarper
CN Medium monstrous humanoid
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +16


HP 105
RP 4
EAC 19; KAC 20; +4 vs. bull rush and trip
Fort +7; Ref +9; Will +9


Speed 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
Melee tactical knife +13 (2d4+8 S)
Ranged red star plasma pistol +15 (1d8+8 E & F; critical burn 1d8) or incendiary grenade II +15 (explode [10 ft., 1d6 burn, DC 18])
Witchwarper Spells Known (CL 8th; ranged +15)

  • 3rd (3/day)—explosive blast (DC 20), probability prediction
  • 2nd (6/day)—caustic conversion, hold person (DC 19), slice reality (DC 19)
  • 1st (at will)—puncture veil, shifting surge


Str +0; Dex +4; Con +2; Int +2; Wis +0; Cha +6
Skills Acrobatics +16, Culture +21, Mysticism +21, Stealth +16
Languages Common, Jububnan
Other Abilities alternate outcome (1/day), astonishing balance, infinite worlds (3/day), paradigm shifts (inhibit [DC 18], flash teleport), puff up, wanderer’s pluck
Gear advanced lashunta tempweave, incendiary grenades II (2), red star plasma pistol with 2 capacity batteries (20 charges each), tactical knife


Astonishing Balance (Ex)

A jububnan can move 10 feet instead of 5 when taking a crawl action. A jububnan also gains a +4 racial bonus to AC against bull rush and trip combat maneuvers.

Puff Up (Ex)

As a move action, a jububnan can increase to Large size and gain a reach of 10 feet. If the physical space the jububnan is in can’t accommodate their new size, the ability fails. The jububnan can maintain this size for up to 10 minutes before they must revert to their normal size; this does not take an action. The jububnan can’t use this ability again until they take a 10-minute rest to regain Stamina Points.

Wanderer’s Pluck (Ex)

Jububnans have tenacious spirits that allow them to thrive while alone. When an effect allows a jububnan to reroll an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, they gain a +2 racial bonus to that reroll.


Environment any
Organization solitary

Jububnans resemble human-sized toads that stand on a single stout leg. Their coloration varies widely, often with neon splashes and splotches of darker colors. They maneuver by deftly hopping at the speed at which many humanoids walk, and they rarely remain motionless, instead preferring to gently sway when they must stay in a single spot for prolonged periods. Jububnans can inhale deeply, expanding their bodies to almost three times their normal size. Most jububnans stand between 5 and 6 feet tall and weigh about 200 pounds, though puffed jububnans can be as tall as 10 feet.

The jububnan homeworld, if it still exists, remains a mystery to the broader galaxy. When directly confronted about their history, most simply state that their ancestors were starfaring wanderers. Jububnans live only an average of 60 years.

Today, jububnans travel as solitary wanderers, rarely meeting others of their kind. Luckily for their species, a jububnan can reproduce via parthenogenesis, allowing them to spawn dozens of eggs several times during their lifespan. During the periods leading up to their egg-laying, a jububnan remains in its larger puffed-up state for weeks; scientists believe that this is to properly gestate the necessary egg clutches, as well as a remnant behavior from less sapient times, when jububnans likely intimidated would-be predators with their increased size.

Thanks to jububnans’ ability to reproduce rapidly, their normally solitary species can sometimes form tight-knit familial communities. Some pirate outfits consist of jububnan outlaws who bred multiple generations of offspring with the sole goal of staffing starships and creating a larger enterprise with trusted family allies. In other cases, jububnan explorers who come across sites of extreme value or danger may birth a new generational line whose existence is based on protecting such locations from outside interference. However, even when these larger groups of jububnans—known as tangles—form, the elders commonly encourage some of their offspring to depart and travel the galaxy, spreading their species throughout the reaches of space. As a result, members of jububnan tangles can often be found across several different planets, watching over specific sites of interest.

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