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Lasiodon CR 15

The beast has a whale-like body complete with powerful tail and thick fins. Each of its six heads bears a nightmarish maw and a curved, fleshy growth that glows in the dark water with white light.

XP 51,200
N Huge magical beast (aquatic)
Init +2; Senses blindsense (scent) 60 ft., darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, see in darkness; Perception +26
Aura shadow luminescence (120 ft.)


EAC 29; KAC 31
Fort +19, Ref +19, Will +13 Immune cold


Speed swim 50 ft.
Melee bite +29 (3d12+24 P plus swallow whole)
Multiattack 3 bites +23 (3d12+24 P plus swallow whole)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 25 ft.
Offensive Abilities breath weapon (30 ft. cone, 12d6 C plus frozen, DC 21, usable every 1d4 rounds), legendary surge (7 points, +1d6), swallow whole (3d12+24 A, EAC 29, KAC 27, 68 HP)


Str +9, Dex +2, Con +5, Int –3, Wis +7, Cha +0
Skills Athletics +31, Stealth +26


Breath Weapon (Su)

A character failing their save against the lasiodon’s breath weapon is covered in a thin layer of ice, suffering the pinned condition until they can escape with a DC 35 Acrobatics check or the ice is dealt 30 points of damage. Any attack against the ice automatically hits, but half of any non-fire damage dealt to it is instead dealt to the character it is pinning.

Characters pinned by ice underwater float 60 feet up at the end of their turn.

Shadow Luminescence (Su)

The area within 120 feet of a lasiodon is dim light, overriding all other light sources. Lasers deal no damage in this area. All light and darkness spells brought into the area are countered and dispelled (other than the shadow luminescence of other lasiodons).

As a swift action, the lasiodon can release a pulse of absolute light or darkness at the cost of a legendary power point (see below). The light blinds all non-lasiodons in the area (Fort DC 21 negates) for one minute. The darkness lingers for one round, creating an area of magical darkness than only the see in darkness special ability can penetrate.

Legendary Surge

A lasiodon has a pool of 7 legendary power points. When it rolls a d20, it can spend a legendary power point as a reaction after the results are revealed to add 1d6 to the result of the roll. This can change the outcome of the roll.


Environment cold oceans
Organization solitary or pair

Lasiodons are something out of ancient nightmares.

They hunt the deepest oceans, luring inquisitive prey with the white glow of their protruding anglers and devouring it whole. With teeth able to slice solid stone, a lasiodon can freeze its quarry, sometimes attacking a school of large fish by freezing some and devouring others. In the darkest coldest depths, blocks of ice created by the creature’s breath weapon remain still for several seconds before ascending slowly.

Lasiodons are cunning but not intelligent or social. The ferocious predators require a large hunting area, so they are almost always alone when encountered. They mate every few years at particularly bountiful hunting grounds in a frenzy that turns the waters red.

The lasiodon’s lights are highly sought after, particularly by solarions. An intact light, removed without being damaged with a DC 35 Survival check, can be used to craft a graviton crystal or photon crystal for half its usual price.

Lasiodons never stop growing and seem immune to the effects of aging. Adult females average 60 feet long and weigh over 50 tons.

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