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Troll (Legendary Games)

Troll CR 5

XP 1,600
CE Large humanoid (giant)

Init +2; Senses blindsense (scent) 60 ft., darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +11


HP 65
EAC 17; KAC 19
Fort +9; Ref +7; Will +4
Defensive Abilities regeneration 5 (acid or fire)


Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +14 (1d6+9 P; critical wound [DC 13]) or claw +14 (1d4+9 S; critical wound [DC 13])
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Offensive Abilities maul


Str +4; Dex +2; Con +5; Int –2; Wis –1; Cha –2
Skills Athletics +16, Intimidate +11
Languages Common
Other Abilities tracking (scent)


Maul (Ex)

If the troll hits the same target with two claw attacks during the same turn, it can attempt a bite attack against that target with a –6 penalty to the attack roll.


Environment any
Organization solitary or gang (2–4)

Ancient and implacable, trolls are fierce carnivores whose regenerative powers allow them to survive in nearly any environment. Those same powers make trolls voracious, and a hungry troll is relentless and fearless when in search of food.

Trolls prefer the cold air and clean winds of high mountains.

In almost any environ, however, trolls are apex predators, with an acute sense of smell that allows them to detect hidden prey.

Trolls have curved claws and teeth, perfect for tearing flesh from bone or ripping armored hide open to reveal the tender flesh beneath. Over-inflated confidence comes naturally to trolls, leading most to have little sense of self-preservation.

The remarkable regeneration trolls have means they rapidly recover even from significant wounds. In combat, a troll attacks recklessly in pursuit of food or while defending its territory.

Trolls eat what they take down, and they don’t wait until their prey is dead before doing so.

Despite their aggression toward other creatures, trolls are nurturing toward each other and their young. Female trolls form groups to raise juveniles, teaching and sheltering their whelps in turns as each female takes time to hunt. Male trolls are more solitary. Once grown, they strike out on their own to claim territory, usually rejoining other trolls only to duel or mate. However, male trolls have been observed raising troll young when female trolls are absent.

Some corporations, hoping to profit from research on trolls, go to great lengths to acquire live specimens. Some seek the secrets of regeneration for use in medicine. Others are less moral in their intentions.

Trolls can survive even the worst experiments, and viable mutant strains can result from such unscrupulous research.

One of the most heinous of these “evolutions” is the void troll. As a wounded troll regenerates, specific magical conditions and exposure to cosmic forces without the protective barrier of an atmosphere can sear away the troll’s weaknesses. What this torturous process leaves behind is a more powerful troll, its regrown and irradiated hide as hard as modern composites and capable of reflecting lasers and magical energies.

Trolls can be up to 14 feet tall and weigh up to 1-1/2 tons.

A troll’s heavy head, long jaws, and thick, hunched shoulders make it appear shorter and stockier than it is.

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