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Saurian Summoner

Saurian Summoner CR 11

XP 12,800
N Medium humanoid (reptilian)
Init –1; Perception +20


HP 155
RP 5; EAC 23; KAC 24
Fort +10; Ref +12; Will +14
Defensive Abilities reactive resistance; Resistances acid 5


Speed 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
Melee ultrathin longsword +19 (4d8+16 S)
Ranged elite semi-auto pistol +17 (3d6+11 P)
Mystic Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th)

At willmind-link, telepathic bond

Mystic Spells Known (CL 11th, melee +19)

4th (3/day)dismissal (DC 22), summon creature
3rd (6/day)bestow curse (DC 21), dispel magic, haste, mind thrust (DC 21)
2nd (at will)fog cloud, hold person (DC 20)

Connection xenodruid
Offensive Abilities animal adaptation (11 minutes/day), grasping vines (DC 20)


Str +5; Dex –1; Con +3; Int +1; Wis +8; Cha +2
Skills Diplomacy +20, Life Science +20, Medicine +25, Mysticism +20, Survival +25
Languages Lizardfolk, speak with animals
Gear freebooter armor III with filtered rebreather, ultrathin longsword, elite semi-auto pistol with 36 rounds


Animal Adaptation (Su)

As a standard action, the saurian summoner can modify their body. They choose one of the following to gain the noted benefit: elongated legs (increase your land speed by 10 feet), suckers on wrists and feet (granting you a climb speed equal to half your land speed), or vertical-slit pupils (granting you darkvision 60 feet). This ability lasts for a up to 11 minutes per day; this duration doesn’t need to be continuous, but it must be used in 1-minute increments. Their base form and size are largely unchanged, but some of their body parts are altered. Armor and gear they are wearing adjusts to your new shape for the duration of this ability. They can have only one of these adaptations active at a time; choosing a new adaptation is a standard action and the new choice replaces the old.

Grasping Vines (Su)

The saurian summoner can spend 1 Resolve Point as a standard action to cause an area within 100 feet to sprout writhing vines in a 20-foot-radius spread. The target surface must be solid but does not need to be capable of sustaining plants normally. The vines have a reach of 10 feet and attempt to wrap around creatures in the area of effect or those that enter the area; such a creature must succeed at a DC 20 Reflex save or gain the entangled condition. Creatures that successfully save can move as normal, but those that remain in the area must attempt a new save at the end of your turn each round. Creatures moving into the area must attempt a save immediately; failure ends their movement and they become entangled. An entangled creature can break free as a move action with a successful Acrobatics check or DC 15 Strength check. The vines last for 11 rounds, and the entire area is difficult terrain while the effect lasts. Each round during the saurian summoner’s turn, the vines deal 1d6 piercing damage to each creature in their area.

Reactive Resistance (Su)

The first time each day the saurian summoner would take energy damage, they immediately gain resistance 10 to that energy type for the remainder of the day. (If they are damaged by more than one energy type simultaneously, they choose a type to resist.)

Speak with Animals (Su)

The saurian summoner can communicate with any creature of the animal type, though this doesn’t make it friendly. If an animal is friendly toward them, it may do them favors. This ability allows the saurian summoner to use Intimidate to bully animals and use any other language-dependent effect against animals.

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