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Phentomites are native inhabitants of an unusual cluster of landmasses floating in regular orbits around a gravitational anomaly. Thousands of years ago, the planet was a technomagical utopia, but a massive industrial accident caused much of the world’s mass to explode into space.

However, mystical gravitational forces created in this disaster allowed the land that survived to remain inhabitable, albeit with a thin atmosphere.

The typical phentomite is 7 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. Though mostly blue, a phentomite’s skin is striated with other colors, especially across the chest and arms.

These streaks vary in coloration between phentomites from different areas of the planet; some have green and yellow bands, while others have red and purple lines of color. Their backward-bending legs give them a natural ability to jump farther than most humanoids, and their ungual feet grant them purchase on rocky slopes. Phentomites often decorate their large forehead ridges with dangling charms of religious or personal significance.