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Pentorfin Overlord

Pentorfin Overlord CR 15

This humanoid wears dark armor covering everything but his head. A similarly colored, body-length cloak flutters behind him. His scarred and hairless head has a distinctive violet coloration except for his black lips.

XP 51,200
NE Medium humanoid (pentorfin)
Init +6; Senses Perception +19


EAC 29; KAC 31
Fort +19, Ref +17, Will +13
Defensive Abilities deflecting blade, telekinetic disarm


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 plasma sword +28 (7d6+15 F), slam +28 (8d6+24 plus grab)
Multiattack 3 plasma swords +25 (damage)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th)

At willtelekinesis (DC 20)
3/daycrush skull (DC 20), dominate person (DC 20)
1/daycontrol gravity (DC 24), suggestion, mass (DC 24)

Offensive Abilities energy sword, pentorfin troll conversion


Str +9, Dex +3, Con +5, Int +3, Wis +3, Cha +7
Skills Acrobatics +31, Intimidate +26, Survival +26
Languages Common, Draconic, Infernal, Pentorfin
Other Abilities


Deflecting Sword (Ex)

Once per round, as an immediate action while wielding his plasma sword, a pentorfin overlord can grant himself a +4 bonus to his EAC against a ranged attack. He must be aware of the attack to use this ability.

Energy Sword (Ex)

As a swift action, a pentorfin overlord can transform his weapon into pure light, causing it to ignore all nonliving matter.

Armor bonuses to EAC or; KAC (including any enhancement bonuses to that armor) do not count against it because the weapon passes through armor. AC bonuses from Dexterity, natural armor, and other sources still apply. An overlord’s energy sword cannot harm undead, constructs, or objects. While this ability is active, he cannot use his deflecting sword ability. He can dismiss this effect as an immediate action.

Pentorfin Troll Conversion (Ex)

If a pentorfin overlord pins an opponent, he can exert his will over the target to transform it into a pentorfin troll. The target can attempt a DC 21 Will save to avoid this effect. If the target fails, it permanently transforms into a pentorfin troll under the command of the pentorfin overlord. Returning the victim to normal requires a successful casting of break enchantment or more powerful magic.

Telekinetic Disarm (Ex)

If a pentorfin overlord successfully disarms an opponent while using his telekinesis spell-like ability, and he has a free hand, he can pull the weapon to himself regardless of the distance from his opponent.


Environment any
Organization solitary or squad (1 plus 2–16 pentorfin trolls)

Pentorfin overlords are imposing figures, standing between 7 and 7–1/2 feet tall. Their scarred features tell a story of suffering, but their sharp teeth and dark pits for eyes demonstrate they exited their crucible of suffering as wholly evil creatures. They are undisputed swordsmen who can also manipulate minds and objects through their own force of will.

Pentorfin overlords began their existence as peaceful and technologically savvy people whose cooperation and keen minds allowed them to achieve space travel early in their development.

Seeking to lift up the natives on a neighboring world and also obtain resources vital to develop their space travel to extend beyond their solar system, they made peaceful overtures to the less technologically developed species after a period of observation. The pentorfin encountered a warlike and highly superstitious people, who, despite their comparative lack of technological prowess managed to repel the pentorfin. The fallen pentorfin awoke a nascent desire for humanoid flesh in the so-called nambocs, who believed they gained power over the invaders by consuming the flesh of fallen foes. The pentorfin became ever more determined to route the nambocs and made very little progress against the supposed lesser species, due to the nambocs inherent magical abilities and an instinctive understanding of the pentorfin borne from devouring them. A horrific incident where groups of commandeered pentorfin ships and devastated the pentorfin homeworld significantly reduced the pentorfin population. This turning point caused the pentorfin to redouble their efforts and forced them down the dark path they follow to this day. Pentorfin scientists performed experiments on captured nambocs to understand their abilities, and they synthesized a solution from namboc brains to grant the pentorfin similar abilities. This mutagen, combined with the lack of crops on their own wasted homeworld, caused the pentorfin to revert to a form of cannibalism similar to the nambocs. The pentorfin, with their newfound powers and already superior firepower, defeated the nambocs, enslaved the survivors, using them for manual labor and as a food supply.

Despite embracing a heretofore unknown savagery, the pentorfin retained their powerful intellects. They developed space flight, giving them access to the far reaches of the galaxy.

They further advanced their genetic science, and they devised a way to convert other humanoids into troll-like beings completely under pentorfin control. They now travel through space seeking to enslave all species they come into contact with.

They usually capture a few specimens, whom they convert select few into pentorfin trolls acting as sleeper agents for their masters. These trolls have the capability to subvert others to pentorfin dominance and work their way up the chain in government and industry. When the time comes for a full-scale invasion, these pentorfin trolls, along with otherwise free-willed lackeys who seek to profit from a deal with pentorfin overlords, render their worlds helpless against the invasion.

Pentorfin Troll Creature (CR + 1)

Creatures with the pentorfin troll template exist solely to create more slaves for the pentorfin overlords and to otherwise do the overlords’ bidding. This template can only be applied to humanoids and monstrous humanoids

Rebuild Rules:; KAC increase by +2; Attacks gain slam attack per the base creature’s melee combat bonus and size: Fine -, Diminutive 1, Tiny 1d2, Small 1d3, Medium 1d4, Large 1d6, Huge 1d8, Gargantuan 2d6, colossal 2d8.

Special Attacks grab, pentorfin troll conversion (+4 bonus to save DC); Ability Scores +2 bonus to Str, Dex, and Con; Special Qualities considered to be under the effects of suggestion, mass when in the presence of a pentorfin overlord. They continue to carry out the pentorfin overlord’s most recent orders until they are either commanded to do something else by another pentorfin overlord, or they are returned to their original form.

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