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Ikeshti Brood-Minder

Ikeshti Brood-Minder CR 2

XP 600
Ikeshti technomancer
N Small humanoid (ikeshti)
Init +2; Perception +7


HP 21
EAC 14; KAC 15
Fort +1; Ref +1; Will +5


Speed 30 ft., climb 15 ft.
Melee survival knife +4 (1d4+1 S)
Ranged tactical semi-auto pistol +6 (1d6+2 P)
Offensive Abilities squirt blood
Technomancer Spells Known (CL 2nd; melee +4, ranged +6)

1st (3/day)detect tech, jolting surge
0 (at will)detect magic, energy ray


Str –1; Dex +2; Con +0; Int +4; Wis +1; Cha +1
Skills Computers +12, Engineering +12, Sense Motive +7 Feats Spell Penetration
Languages Akitonian, Common
Other Abilities spell cache (wrist computer)
Gear freebooter armor I, survival knife, tactical semi-auto pistol with 30 small arm rounds


Squirt Blood (Ex)

Once per day as a move action, an ikeshti brood-minder can squirt blood from one of his eyes at a foe within 30 feet, making a ranged attack (+6 for most ikeshti brood-minders) against the target’s KAC. A successful hit grants the next ally who hits that foe the benefit of harrying fire against it.


Environment any deserts, hills, or mountains
Organization solitary, team (2–4), or nest (5–12)

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