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Giant, Fire Giant Dominator

Fire Giant Dominator CR 15 (Expert)

XP 51,200
Fire giant envoy
LE Large humanoid (fire, giant)
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +32


HP 255
RP 6
EAC 29; KAC 30
Fort +15; Ref +15; Will +18; +2 vs. disease and poison
Immunities fire; Resist acid 5, cold 15
Weaknesses vulnerable to cold


Speed 50 ft.
Melee flaming ruin devastation blade +26 (5d8+24F&S), or slam +26 (5d8+24B&F, critical burn 3d4F)
Ranged parallax laser pistol +24 (5d4+15F, critical bun 3d4), or hurl debris +24 (6d6+15B plus 5-ft.-radius area of difficult terrain around the spot where the debris hit)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Offensive Abilities burning strikes, crush (2d8+24B), trample (5d8+24B, DC 23)


Str +9; Dex +0; Con +5; Int +5; Wis +2; Cha +7
Skills Athletics +27, Diplomacy +32, Engineering +27, Intimidate +32, Sense Motive +32
Languages Common, Giant
Other Abilities envoy improvisations (desperate defense, hidden agenda, improved get ‘em, improved hurry)
Gear elite hardlight series armor with 1 super-capacity battery (80 charges) (upgrades: filtered rebreather, infrared sensors, mk-1 spell reflector, mk-3 thermal capacitor), parallax laser pistol with 2 super-capacity batteries (80 charges), flaming ruin devastation blade


Hurl Debris (Ex)

The mighty strength of a giant allows it to turn nearly anything into a ranged weapon.

A giant is assumed to have such debris available (either loose or readily torn from the environment without requiring an extra action) unless the GM rules otherwise. Hurled debris has a range increment equal to the giant’s Strength modifier × 5 feet. Such attacks also create difficult terrain in a 5-foot-radius area around the target, or a 10-foot-radius area for Huge and larger giants.


Environment warm mountains
Organization solitary, band (1 fire giant dominator plus 2-5 CR 10 fire giants)

Giants are a race of massive humanoids. They are the remnants of an ancient race known as the titans who claimed to be the progenitors of the gods themselves.

Many giants are wicked, selfish, and evil. They hate the smaller sentient species – who are beloved by the gods– and seek to subvert their worship to that of the titans.

Giants will often make slaves of the smaller species.

There exist many different types of giants. These primordial beings are the lesser incarnations of the ancient titans, who were themselves manifestations of nature. As such, the giants possess special powers based on the titans from whom they are descended.

Fire giants stand over 12 feet tall and weigh 2,500 pounds (250 bulk). They are heavy-set and barrelchested.

The skin of a fire giant is red at birth but is charred to a sooty black by the time they are an adult.

Their hair is usually some shade of red, orange, or fiery blonde. The eyes of a fire giant burn like glowing embers. Most adult fire giants wear bronze-colored armor and carry large two-handed swords.

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