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Dessamar Imago

Dessamar Imago CR 1

XP 400
CG Medium humanoid (dessamar)
Init +1; Senses blindsense (scent) 30 ft., low-light vision; Perception +5


HP 17
EAC 11; KAC 12
Fort +1; Ref +3; Will +4; –2 vs. severe wound and wound effects to arms, legs, and wings


Speed 20 ft., fly 20 ft. (Ex, average)
Melee tactical spear +6 (1d6 P)
Ranged tactical spear +6 (1d6 P)
Offensive Abilities twinkle
Dessamar Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st)

1/daycharm person (DC 12)
At willdetect magic, telepathic message


Str–1; Dex +1; Con +0; Int +0; Wis +2; Cha +4
Skills Acrobatics +5, Diplomacy +10, Mysticism +5, Sense Motive +10
Languages Koshorian
Gear second skin, tactical spear


Twinkle (Su)

Once per day as a move action, a dessamar can teleport 40 feet.

The dessamar can’t bring other creatures along, and if a solid body occupies the arrival point, the ability fails without expending its daily use. This ability otherwise functions as the dimension door spell.


Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, or kaleidoscope (3–7)

Dessamars are humanoid natives of a world bathed in violet magical auras. While adults resemble bipedal butterflies, dessamars hatch from eggs as tiny larvae that grow as they mature. Azlanti call the larvae “instars,” due to an error in a first-contact report. Instars eat magic plants, so their flesh is coated with hallucinogenic powder, muddling the senses of would-be predators with guilt-tinged visions. Instars are sapient, and older larvae are encouraged to explore the world on their own so they can discover their path in life before their metamorphosis into an adult. Once the larvae feel ready, they feast enough to double their size before spinning magical cocoons. About two weeks later, a dessamar adult, called an imago, emerges. Occasionally, instars refuse to transform. Though most dessamars accept older instars, adults often encourage such larvae to seek physical maturity.

Dessamar society is based largely on magic and the study of auras. Much like their goddess, dessamars are good-natured, whimsical, and given to exploration and self-expression. Dessamar technology is bioengineered, hybrid, or both. Their clannish social hierarchy is merit-based, with the wisest dessamars guiding the rest. Instars mostly pursue their passions, while imagos seek wisdom and mastery of a life path. However, dessamars can be peaceful to a fault, and they can seem aloof and strangely detached.

A typical dessamar adult is around 5 feet tall and weighs only 60 pounds. A developed instar is about 3 feet tall and weighs 40 pounds. Female dessamars are most often larger and stronger than males.

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