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Kometes Tier 11

This towering humanoid seems to be made of billowing, glowing blue mist and clumps of dark rock.

LN Tiny starship fey

Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1) AC 27; TL 29; HP 45; DT –; CT 9; RP 5; Shields heavy 480 (130 forward, 130 port, 130 starboard, 150 aft) Attack (Turret) microcomet +20 (8d8 plus irradiate [low]), microcomet +19 (8d8 plus irradiate [low]) Attack (Aft) comet tail +20 (8d6)
Skills Culture +23, Life Sciences +23, Mysticism +28, Perception +28, Physical Sciences +28, Piloting +23, Sense Motive +23; Power Core cosmic heart (250 PCU); Drift none; Systems mk 4 armor, mk 6 defenses
Other Abilities immunity to radiation, interplanetary senses, living starship, no breath, stellar acrobat, telepathy (within same star system)


Comet Tail (Su)

The swirling icy plasma that flows from a kometes’s head like hair can blaze at enemy starships at a prodigious distance. The comet tail is a direct-fire weapon with long range and the broad arc and point (+18) properties.

A starship struck is encrusted with ice and micrometeorites and takes a –2 penalty to gunnery checks, checks requiring sensors, and Piloting checks until it is cleaned. The cleaning process takes 10 minutes and requires exterior access. At the start of a round, the kometes can choose to lose the point property until the start of the next round to give the comet tail the Line“>line property for the same duration.

Interplanetary Senses (Ex)

Distance does not affect a kometes’s ability to see (or the DC of its Perception checks to see) anywhere within the same star system. It can make Perception checks to notice things that it has Line_of_Sight”>line of sight to within the same solar system, with the base DC ranging from 10 (for Medium creatures and objects in the nearest orbit) to 50 (for Medium creatures and objects on the opposite side of the star system). Additionally, a kometes can make a Perception check against this DC to hear when spoken messages are addressed to its parent comet, regardless of distance, and if successful hears the entirety of the message.

Living Starship (Ex)

A kometes is a living creature, although its stellar haunts mean it almost exclusively engages in starship combat.

It has no crew, although it can still take engineer, gunner, pilot, and science officer actions using the skill bonuses listed above (one of each, in the appropriate phases). It uses Mysticism in place of Computers and Engineering for starship actions and can take science officer actions as if it had a sensor system. Treat it as having 12 ranks in Computers, Engineering, Mysticism, and Piloting, and a base attack bonus of +12 for purposes of starship combat. It ignores critical damage effects that affect crew. It is immune to radiation.

Microcomet (Su)

A microcomet is a tracking weapon with long range, speed 14, and irradiate (low).

Stellar Acrobat (Ex)

A kometes can spend RP as part of pilot actions.


Environment any vacuum
Organization solitary, cluster (2–4), or shower (5–8)

A kometes is a spirit born from the dancing tails of comets, especially comets that carry the seeds of life. Ever after, a kometes dances among these icy bodies as they circle the stars. They fawn over the life-forms they observe on planets from high above, watching like mortals might adore an ant farm.

Having seen the eradication of life many times over the course of their millennia-long journeys, many choose to take efforts to capture and preserve life forms against utter extinction. These steps usually amount to capturing lonesome samples of various creatures—including humanoids—and preserving them in frozen stasis on a comet. This stasis can last for eons, generally ending when the comet impacts a new planetary home or when the kometes spies a promising-seeming planet to take the subjects down to personally.

Many kometes delight in cavorting with star fairies, who kometes idolize for their knowledge and glamour. The kometes dance around a gracious star fairy, eager to please, almost as consistently as comets revolve around a star.

Kometes encountered away from their comets are often seeking out cosmic novelties hidden from the sight of a certain star in the hopes of pleasing a jaded star fairy.

A comet is most likely to spawn a kometes when it carries a bit of life cast into the void between stars by a dying planet. Kometes that find such comets regard them as sacred, protecting them from starfaring interlopers and seeking to coax their orbits toward habitable worlds. Unfortunately, they sometimes don’t realize that such a trajectory can cause devastation to the world below.

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