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Dryad CR 6 (Expert)

XP 2,400
CG Medium fey
Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +13


HP 80,
RP 4
EAC 18; KAC 19
Fort +7; Ref +7; Will +9
DR 5/cold iron


Speed 30 ft.
Melee battle staff +11 (1d4+8B, critical knockdown)
Ranged bow +13 (1d6+8P), or bow with stickybomb grenade arrow +13 (explode [10 ft., DC 13, entangled 2d4 rounds])
Offensive Abilities grasping vines (100-ft. range, 20- ft. radius, DC 16)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th)

At will–create water*, ghost sound
3/daycharm person (DC 15), commune with wildlife*, life bubble
1/day-speak with animals*, surface stride*

*see Starfarer’s Companion


Str +2; Dex +3; Con +1; Int +2; Wis +2; Cha +5
Skills Athletics +13, Diplomacy +13, Life Science +18, Stealth +18, Survival +18
Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan
Other Abilities tree dependent, tree meld, wild empathy
Gear battle staff, bow with 20 arrows, 10 stickybomb grenade arrows


Grasping Vines (Su)

This ability functions like the mystic xenodruid ability.

Tree Meld (Su)

The dryad touches a tree of enough volume to contain her and merges into it for as long as she wishes. She can use spell-like abilities while inside as long as the spell doesn’t require a line of effect outside the tree. She can hear, but not see, what’s going on outside the tree.

Significant physical damage dealt to the tree expels the dryad from the tree and deals 3d6 damage to her.

Passwall expels the dryad without dealing damage.

If a dryad uses this ability on her bonded tree, she instead enters an extradimensional living space within the tree. A dryad can bring up to two other creatures with her when entering her home within her bonded tree. The dryad can still be expelled from this space as above.

Tree Dependent (Su)

A dryad is mystically bonded to a single, enormous tree and must never stray more than (100 x CR) yards from it. Most dryad trees are oak trees, but other trees function as well (often having subtle influences on a specific dryad’s personality and appearance). A dryad who moves too far from her bonded tree immediately becomes sickened. Every hour thereafter, she must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to resist becoming nauseated for an hour. A dryad that is out of range of her bonded tree for 24 hours takes 1d6 points of Constitution damage, and another 1d6 points of Constitution damage every day that follows — eventually, this separation kills the dryad. A dryad can forge a new bond with a new tree by performing a 24- hour ritual and making a successful DC 20 Will save.

Wild Empathy (Su)

A dryad can use Diplomacy to manipulate and make simple requests from animals and plant creatures.


Environment temperate forests
Organization solitary, pair, or grove (3-8)

Dryads are fey-maidens who act as the protectors of forests and trees. They appear to be beautiful women with delicate features seemingly made of soft wood.

Their hair appears to be made of leaves and foliage that changes color as the seasons turn. During the spring and summer months, the hair of a dryad is lush and green, while during autumn it turns red and eventually brown in the winter.

Dryads prefer to live away from civilization, delighting in the savage wilderness away from those that would seek to cut their trees. They live with respect to nature and will accept the company of those that do so as well. Attractive men who are fond of nature will often be taken in by a dryad to act as both a mate and a guardian.

Dryads are generally benign, and will attempt to warn off intruders. Only those that seem cruel and determined to destroy a dryad’s forest will see the full wrath of these fey.

All dryads are magically bound to a single tree.

These trees serve as the dryad’s life force and home.

A dryad will fight to the death to protect her bonded tree, as, should the tree be cut or destroyed, the dryad will die soon afterward. A dryad cannot stray too far from her bonded tree without suffering the same fate.

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