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Robot, Mining

Mining Robot CR 9

XP 6,400
N Large construct (technological)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light visionPerception +17


HP 145
EAC 20; KAC 22
Fort +10; Ref +8; Will +6
Defensive Abilities integrated weapons, nanite repair; Immunities construct immunities; Resistances acid 5, fire 10
Weaknesses vulnerable to critical hits, vulnerable to electricity


Speed 30 ft., burrow 10 ft.
Melee drill +20 (3d4+14 P; critical bleed 2d4) or integrated andesite magma blade +20 (2d8+15 F & S; critical wound [DC 16])
Ranged integrated LFD screamer +17 (2d10+9 So; critical deafen [DC 16])


Str +6; Dex +4; Con —; Int -2; Wis +3; Cha -3
Skills Profession (miner) +17
Languages Common (can’t speak)
Other Abilities rock tunneler, unliving
Gear andesite magma blade with 3 high-capacity batteries (40 charges each), LFD screamer with 2 super-capacity batteries (80 charges each)


Nanite Repair (Ex) A mining robot’s nanites heal it, restoring a number of Hit Points per hour equal to its CR (9 Hit Points per hour for most mining robots). Once per day as a full action, a mining robot can restore 4d8 Hit Points to itself or any touched construct with the technological subtype.

Rock Tunneler (Ex) A mining robot can burrow through stone at half speed, and it can choose to leave tunnels when it burrows.


Environment any underground
Organization solitary, pair, or shift (3–5)

Mining robots are far from exotic, but neither are they common since they are expensive tools. Such automatons allow mining companies to harvest ore and minerals from dangerous locales, such as airless asteroids and planets with high tectonic activity. A mining robot has an integrated drill arm, a cutting arm, and finer manipulators that allow it to sort through the rubble it creates. A typical model also has built-in harmonic resonators to soften earth and stone, making it easier for the robot to burrow into the ground. Construction and terraforming enterprises employ similar models of these industrial robots.

A dwarven mining corporation is known to make the best mining robots the galaxy has to offer. Outfitted with sturdy magma blades, these constructs can slice through rock like a heated knife cuts through butter. These robots are sold to other mining outfits as a profitable side operation. Occasionally, warriors and gladiators with a flair for the dramatic purchase a defunct mining robot and strip off the drill for use as an exotic and deadly weapon.

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