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Protocite Reclaimer

Protocite Reclaimer CR 3

XP 800
N Medium construct (technological)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light visionPerception +8


HP 40
EAC 14; KAC 16
Fort +3; Ref +3; Will +0
Immunities construct immunities
Weaknesses sunlight dependency


Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee claw +12 (1d6+7 S plus grab)
Ranged polyfluid volley +10 (explode [15 ft., 1d6 B plus entangled 1d4 rounds, DC 12])
Offensive Abilities grind


Str +4; Dex +2; Con —; Int +1; Wis +0; Cha +0
Skills Athletics +13, Stealth +8
Languages Noma (can’t speak any language); shortwave 100 ft.
Other Abilities unliving


Grind (Ex) A reclaimer’s grinding mouthparts can tear any material to shreds. If a reclaimer starts its turn grappling a creature, it can use a full action to grind into the creature, dealing 6d6 slashing damage (Fortitude DC 12 half) and applying the wound critical hit effect (save DC 12).

Polyfluid Volley (Ex) A reclaimer can repurpose its polyfluid extruder, normally used for transferring that raw material, to lob thick globs of the substance at enemy creatures. This attack has a range increment of 20 feet.

Shortwave (Ex) A protocite can communicate wirelessly. This acts as telepathy, but only with other creatures with this ability or constructs with the technological subtype.

Sunlight Dependency (Ex) Protocites are solar-powered constructs, although they can function at reduced capacity away from light. In areas of darkness, protocites gain the sickened condition.


Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, or crew (3–6)

Protocites are as numerous and varied as their distant cousins, the anacites. It’s probable that they have the same creator. However, anacites were designed to harvest resources and have proliferated from that origin, while protocites were designed as experiments in form and function. Several models have the ability to iterate upon their own forms, while others serve specialized roles. Despite different origins and purposes, similar types of protocites and anacites have developed in parallel, while others are distinct.

Protocite reclaimers form one such unique model line. These scorpion-like constructs serve as the backbone of their home’s ceaseless creativity. AI can conceive of endless possibilities for creatures and contraptions, and the surrounding star provides the energy for its experiments. The material resource required for this is polyfluid, a UPB-like liquid that can form any number of molecule chains, allowing the creation of any substance. Reclaimers provide a vital service as mobile recycling centers, capable of scaling any structure and gradually devouring it. They turn what they consume back into polyfluid via a complex internal system of enzymatic machinery and filters. Reclaimers then use their extruders to deposit the polyfluid in receptacles so the material can be reused.

Most of the time, reclaimers keep busy recycling materials from completed experiments. However, they also serve as a frontline immune system, attacking and recycling protocites that operate outside acceptable parameters. With recent incursions, reclaimers have adapted to recognize and process hostile visitors.

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