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Many-Miened One

Many-Miened One CR 19

XP 204,800
N Huge construct (magical)
Init +6; Senses blindsense (vibration) 60 ft., blindsight (thought, gibbous phase only) 200 ft.; darkvision 60 ft.; low-light vision; Perception +37


HP 350
RP 7
EAC 32; KAC 33
Fort +14; Ref +14; Will +19
Defensive Abilities fast healing 10, unflankable; DR 15/cold iron; Immunities construct immunities, change phase


Speed 40 ft.
Melee slam +30 (9d8+30 B)
Ranged energy beam +28 (5d10+19; critical staggered)
Multiattack (crescent phase only) 3 slams +24 (9d8+30) or 3 energy beams +22 (5d10+19; critical staggered)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Offensive Abilities create darkness, phase radiance
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 19th)

  • 4/day—change phase (chain surge, control gravity, gravitational singularity, mind thrust [6th level], veil)
  • At will—change phase (confusion, dimension door, gravity well, greater invisibility)


Str +11; Dex +6; Con —; Int +4; Wis +9; Cha +3
Skills Mysticism +32, Sense Motive +32; change phase
Languages Aklo, Common, Sylvan; telepathy 200 ft. (gibbous phase only)
Other Abilities change phase, spaceflight, unliving


Change Phase (Su)

A many-miened one has a multitude of faces spaced about its floating head, and once per round it can rotate its head to display a different face representing one of five lunar phases: crescent, full, gibbous, half, or new. Each phase grants the construct one or more special abilities, a skill with a +32 bonus, and immunity to one damage type. Most phases also grant several spell-like abilities, and a many-miened one can cast its 6th-level spell-like abilities four times per day in any combination.

A many-miened one’s phase continues until the construct changes its phase again, at which point it loses its earlier phase benefits and gains the new phase benefits immediately.

  • Crescent: The crescent moon phase grants the construct destructive speed. The phase’s damage is electricity, the skill is Intimidate, and the spell-like abilities are chain surge and dimension door. The many-miened one gains the multiattack ability usable with its slam and energy beam attacks. It also gains a +3 bonus to Reflex saving throws and a +10-foot enhancement bonus to its speed.
  • Full: The full moon phase grants the construct blazing combat power. The phase’s damage is fire, the skill is Athletics, and the phase grants no spell-like abilities. The many-miened one gains a +2 enhancement bonus to its attack rolls, Fortitude saving throws, and AC. In addition, it gains the Cleave, Deadly Aim, Great Cleave, and Penetrating attack feats.
  • Gibbous: The gibbous moon phase grants the construct powerful telepathic abilities. The phase’s damage is sonic, the skill is Bluff, and the spell-like abilities are confusion and mind thrust (6th level). The many-miened one gains telepathy and blindsight (thought) with ranges of 200 feet each. It can also apply the blast special weapon property to its energy beam attack, reducing the range increment for such attacks to 60 feet.
  • Half: The half moon phase grants the construct poise and gravity powers. The phase’s damage is acid, the skill is Acrobatics, and the spell-like abilities are control gravity, gravitational singularity, and gravity well. The many-miened one gains the Deflect Projectiles feat as well as a fly speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability.
  • New: The new moon phase grants the construct stealth and suppression abilities. The phase’s damage is cold, the skill is Stealth, and the spell-like abilities are greater invisibility and veil. The many-miened one gains spell resistance 30 and the Dispelling Strike feat.

Energy Beam (Su)

A many-miened one’s energy beam has a range increment of 80 feet. When making its first energy beam attack of its turn, the construct can give the attack the line and unwieldy special weapon properties. The damage type dealt by the energy beam is based on the construct’s current phase (see Change Phase).

Phase Radiance (Su)

A many-miened one can cause its slam attack or any weapon it wields to deal half its damage as another type of damage based on the construct’s current phase: acid (half), cold (new), electricity (crescent), fire (full), or sonic (gibbous).


Environment any land
Organization solitary or vendetta (many-miened one plus 2–8 lucandrians)

The lunar fey known as lucandrians cherish their young, in part because the process of creating lucandrian offspring is so difficult. When outside forces such as mining ventures, military tests, or crystal hunters destroy a lucandrian creche, the community gathers its broken children and enacts a dire ritual. The rite combines some of the survivors and the lost children’s spirits into a magical construct intended for one purpose: vengeance.

Known as many-miened ones, these constructs are devastating forces of destruction composed primarily of lunar dust and moon crystal cemented together by soul quintessence to create extraordinarily tough bodies. Their multifaceted heads float and rotate atop neckless bodies, and like a many-sided die, each facet bears a different face. When contemplating an obstacle, the head periodically rotates to bring different faces to bear, relying on the various faces’ unique magical abilities to overcome threats and fulfill the construct’s vendetta. These powers draw power from the many-miened one’s origin moon, shifting abilities as the many-miened one embodies the moon’s different phases.

While a many-miened one’s body is nearly impervious to damage and houses devastating magic, the constituent lucandrians that are bound within it all maintain some semblance of their identities and willfulness, deferring to the lucandrian whose face is currently dominant. An enraged many-miened one adeptly maneuvers and fights, effortlessly changing its lunar phase to devastating effect. Only the ruination of whatever entity destroyed the children is sufficient to sate their quest for vengeance, though the exact means and fulfillment may evolve over time.

There is no single fate for those many-miened ones who fulfill their objectives. Some continue seeking vengeance, either blindly lashing out at others or seeking out strangers in need of avenging angels. Others become wise counselors who advise lucandrian communities while trying to achieve inner calm and true union between their individual personalities. In rare cases, a many-miened one ritually disassembles itself, striving to reform the fey who sacrificed themselves to create the construct.

This severing is almost always fatal, only occasionally creating a single lucandrian survivor haunted by the sudden absence of their myriad comrades.

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