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Targotha CR 15

This eyeless serpentine beast has a menacing mouth and sharp fins running down its long, yellow body.

XP 51,200
N Huge aberration
Init +3; Senses blindsense (vibration) 120 ft., darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +26


EAC 29; KAC 31
Fort +17, Ref +17, Will +15
Defensive Abilities all-around vision, slippery; Immunities acid, electricity, poison; Resistances cold 20, fire 20


Speed 10 ft., swim 50 ft.
Melee bite +28 (8d6+24 P) or razor fin +28 (8d6+24 S) or tail slap +28 (8d6+36 B plus bull rush)
Multiattack bite +22 (3d12+24 P), 2 razorfins +22 (3d12+24 s), tail slap +22 (3d12+24 B)
Ranged jolt +25 (5d8+15 E plus stun [DC 21])
Offensive Abilities volatile breath (60-ft. cone, 15d6 fire or confusion, Reflex DC 28 half or Fortitude DC 23 negates, usable every 2d4 rounds)


Str +9, Dex +3, Con +7, Int -4, Wis +2, Cha +0
Skills Athletics +31, Survival +31


Jolt (Ex)

A targotha stores electrical potential that it can expend as a ranged attack with a range of 240 feet. Using this ability within oil or tar reduces its range to 30 feet. A targotha cannot use this ability in water. If the target takes damage from the jolt, it is Stunned”>stunned for 1d4 rounds (a successful DC 21 Fortitude save negates the stun effect). The targotha can use this ability once every 1d4+1 rounds; during this period, it cannot ignite its volatile breath.

Slippery (Ex)

A targotha secretes thick mucus that allows it to move gracefully through viscous fluids like tar and oil. This mucus dissolves away adhesives (such as stickybomb grenades) in 1d4 rounds. Additionally, all combat maneuver checks against a targotha automatically fail. The targotha automatically succeeds at all grapple combat maneuver checks to escape a grapple or a pin.

Tail Slap (Ex)

A targotha deals extra damage with its tail slap, as noted in its description. It can attempt a bull rush combat maneuver against a creature struck by its tail slap as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity. The targotha can’t move as part of this bull rush.

Volatile Breath (Ex)

A targotha can breathe a cone of flammable gas as a breath weapon. As a swift action, it can ignite the gas with its jolt ability. When ignited, the gas explodes, dealing 15d6 points of fire damage in the area of the cone (a successful DC 21 Reflex save halves this damage). If not ignited, the gas confuses all creatures in the area of effect that breathe it in before the gas dissipates at the start of the targotha’s next turn. The confusion effect lasts for 1d4 rounds (a successful DC 21 Fortitude save negates).


Environment any
Organization solitary

Targothas are unusual creatures that thrive in the thick, inky fluids of naturally occurring tar seeps or pits of oil, although they are equally at home in swampy waters or muddy bogs. They depend upon their blindsense when lurking within opaque fluids like tar or ooze and will even lurch out of their lairs and flop along the ground if necessary to pursue a meal. A targotha is a patient ambush predator, and without the need to breathe, it can lie in wait for weeks for food.

A typical targotha measures 30 feet in length and weighs 7,000 pounds. Larger specimens are known to exist, but they prefer to dwell far from areas inhabited by civilized folk in the largest and deepest of tar pits or fens. Truly enormous targothas have multiple sets of razor fins and are capable of making two, three, or even four devastating attacks with their fins in a round.

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