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The tardigrade is a multi-limbed aberration that has a similar bulk and gait to a bear, but has a thick, blubbery skin and an articulated carapace on its back. Most tardigrades have eight legs and vestigial tentacles growing from the shoulder joints. Their eyes are deeply sunken into their puffy faces, and they all have long, cylindrical proboscislike mouths that are ringed with fangs.

Tardigrades are all born with the ability to adapt to their environments, and so each tardigrade begins life as a terrestrial that evolves into its eventual adult form. Once they adapt to their environment, they remain that type of tardigrade for the remainder of their adult lives. Hatching from stone-like eggs, a tardigrade larva grows into its juvenile state in approximately 15 years.

After each tardigrade finds its preferred environment, tardigrades typically develop from the juvenile stage into their adult forms at a rate of ten years for every Hit Die it has before it reaches maturity. Tardigrades generally live no longer than 300 years.

Additional Tardigrade Rules

Most tardigrades have the following abilities: Diehard A tardigrade gains the Diehard feat as a bonus feat. Unlike most other NPCs, a tardigrade has Resolve Points equal to 3 + (CR/5).

Skinbreather (Ex)

A tardigrade breathes through its skin and is immune to non-magical forms of suffocation or asphyxiation, but takes a -2 penalty to Fortitude saves versus gas-based attacks.

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