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Mutant Dwarf Soldier

Mutant Dwarf Soldier CR 4

The twisted dwarf raises a roaring chainsaw above its head with two hands while threatening you with the sword in its third.

XP 1,200
CN Medium aberration (dwarf)
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10


EAC 17; KAC 17; +4 vs. bull rush and trip
Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5; +2 vs. poisons, spells, and spell-like abilities
Defensive Abilities fast healing 5; Weaknesses deformity (fractured mind)


Speed 20 ft.
Melee junk chainsaw +12 (2d6+8 S unwieldy; critical bleed 1d6) or longsword +12 (1d8+8 S)
Ranged frag grenade II +9 (35 ft. range, explode 15 ft., 2d6 P, DC 13) or stickybomb grenade II +9 (35 ft. range, explode 15 ft., entangled 2d4 rounds, DC 13)
Offensive Abilities gear boost (melee striker), style technique (grenade expert), traditional enemies


Str +3, Dex +0, Con +5, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha –2
Skills Engineering +10, Survival +15
Languages Common, Dwarven
Other Abilities mutations (extra arms, fast healing), slow but steady, stonecunning, weapon familiarity
Gear junk chainsaw (see below) with 2 standard petrol tanks, longsword, defrex hide, 2 frag grenade II, stickybomb grenade II (made with grenade expert)


Environment any ruins
Organization solitary, pair, hunting party (3–8), or clan (12–120)

Dwarves are known for their hardiness and technical acumen, along with a lust for rare minerals. These factors can combine into industrial disasters leaving entire clans warped by radiation. Each clan has its own set of deformities and mutations, but exceptional individuals are often born with more mutations or even mutate further over time with exposure to the irradiated environment they call their home.

The junk chainsaw is an item level 5 advanced two-handed melee weapon that deals 2d6 slashing damage and has a critical effect of bleed 1d6. It is unwieldy and must be fueled with standard petrol tanks (burning one petrol per attack). Due to its cobbled nature, its resale value is only 200 credits.

Mutant Creature Graft

Although, as science suggests, most cases of radiation exposure end in radiation poisoning or death, certain cases result in longer term changes. These cases become far more common when magic is involved, with clans of mutants often haunting the ruins of technomagical disasters.

Grafts: Change the creature’s type to aberration, but do not apply the aberration graft.

Traits: Gains a deformity and mutation from the list below. For every 4 CR of the creature, it gains an additional mutation. A creature can take an additional deformity to gain an additional mutation.


Each mutant has one of the following deformities. The deformity cannot be taken if it wouldn’t disadvantage the mutant.

Blind (Ex)

The mutant can’t see and gains the blinded condition. This blindness can’t be magically removed.

Dominant Arm (Ex)

All but one of the mutant’s arms are useless.

Deaf (Ex)

The mutant can’t hear and gains the deafened condition. This deafness can’t be magically removed.

Fragile (Ex)

Whenever the mutant fails a Fortitude save, it is staggered for 1 round.

Fractured Mind (Ex)

Whenever the mutant fails a Will save, it is confused for 1 round.

Lame (Ex)

The mutant’s stunted legs reduce its base speed by 10 feet. This deformity can’t be taken if it would reduce the mutant’s base speed to less then 5 feet.


The mutant cannot wear armor intended for humanoid wearers. Armors made to fit the mutant cost twice as much and can be resold for only 1/100 their value.

Spasms (Ex)

Whenever the mutant fails a Reflex save, it is flat-footed for 1 round.

Thin Blood (Ex)

Whenever the creature suffers a critical hit from a bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing weapon, it gains bleed 3d6.

Vulnerability (Ex)

The mutant gains vulnerability to one energy type. If the base creature has immunity or resistance to that energy type, the mutant loses that ability.


A mutant gains one mutation, plus an additional mutation for every 4 CR of the creature.

Bulbous Eyes (Ex)

The mutant gains darkvision 60 feet and low-light vision.

Celerity (Ex)

As a swift action, the mutant gains the benefits of haste for one round. This stresses the mutant’s body and cannot be used for another 1d4 rounds.

Climbing Limbs (Ex)

Additional spider-like limbs grant the mutant a climb speed equal to its base speed.

Echolocation (Ex)

The mutant gains blindsight (sound) 30 feet.

Extra Arms (Ex)

The mutant gains an addition arm for each pair of arms it already has (minimum 1). This mutation can be taken any number of times, granting an increasingly large number of arms.

Fast Healing (Ex)

The mutant gains fast healing 5.

Feral (Ex)

The mutant gains a bite attack that deals 1d6 piercing damage for each mutation the creature has, plus its Strength modifier.

Gills (Ex)

The mutant gains the aquatic subtype, the amphibious ability, and swim speed equal to its base speed.

Grasping (Ex)

The mutant gains the grab ability with its natural attacks.

Long Limbs (Ex)

The mutant’s speed increases by 10 feet. If this mutation is taken multiple times, apply it to a different movement type each time.

Lungs (Ex)

The mutant gains the amphibious ability and base speed equal to its swim speed.

Resistance (Ex)

The mutant gains resistance 10 to an energy type. This mutation can be taken any number of times. If it is taken twice for the same energy type, the mutant gains resistance 20 to that energy type. If it’s taken three times for the same type, the mutant gains immunity to that energy type.

Sealed Mind (Ex)

The mutant is immune to mind- affecting effects.

Spell-Like Ability (Sp)

The mutant has one of the following spell-like abilities, usable at will unless noted otherwise: charm monster, charm person, detect radiation, dimension door (3/day), dominate person (dominating a new target releases all previous targets), entropic grasp, irradiate, jolting surge, mirror image, modify memory, regenerate (self only), or synaptic pulse. The mutant’s caster level is equal to its CR. The mutant can choose only spells with a level no higher than half its CR.

This ability can be taken multiple times, choosing a different spell each time.

Rugged (Ex)

The mutant gains DR 5/—.

Telepathy (Su)

The mutant has telepathy with a range of 100 feet as a supernatural ability and blindsense (emotion) 100 ft.

Wings (Ex)

The mutant grows wings, gaining a fly speed of 40 feet with average maneuverability.

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