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Environmental Adaptation

You are acclimated to a broad range of environments.

Prerequisite(s): Con 13.

Benefit(s): Select a number of the following environmental conditions and weather conditions equal to your Constitution modifier: thick atmosphere (includes severely thick atmosphere), thin atmosphere (includes severely thin atmosphere), toxic atmosphere (includes low-level and heavily toxic atmospheres), rain and snow (includes rain, snow, heavy snow, and dust storms), winds (includes light, moderate, strong, and severe winds and windstorms), cold dangers (includes cold, severe cold, and extreme cold), extreme gravity, heat dangers (includes heat, severe heat, and extreme heat), and smoke effects (including smoke grenades). You do not take any of the selected conditions’ penalties to skill checks or attack rolls, do not take nonlethal damage from them, and do not need to attempt saving throws to resist their effects. Once these condition choices are made, they cannot be changed. If your Constitution bonus increases from an effect that does not have a limited duration, you can add additional conditions to your list.

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