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Lifelike Prostheses

Note This feat may be used in conjunction with the rules for auttaine physical augmentations and missing body parts.

Your prostheses are so realistic and your attunement to them so strong that onlookers scarcely notice the aids.

Benefit(s): You gain a +5 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal the properties of your prosthetic limbs or body parts, and creatures must succeed at a Perception check (DC = 10 + your Sleight of Hand modifier) in order to identify a prosthetic you are wearing. Creatures farther than 15 feet away from you cannot identify your prosthetic body parts.

Normal: Most intelligent creatures can immediately identify a prosthetic limb or body part just by looking (if 15 feet or closer and the body part is visible) or succeeding at a Perception check (DC = 10 + your Sleight of Hand modifier). Unintelligent creatures can make a Perception check (DC = 15 + your Sleight of Hand modifier) to identify a prosthetic, though this may have little to no effect on how they interact with you depending on their level of unintelligence.

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