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Versatile Fighting (Combat)

You draw upon your resolve to quickly change tactics in the heat of battle.

Prerequisite(s): Adaptive Fighting, character level 5th.

Benefit(s): You can spend 1 Resolve Point to use the Adaptive Fighting feat after you have already used it in the same day. If you use Adaptive Fighting again before the duration of a previous use expires, you replace the previous combat feat gained with another choice from Adaptive Fighting. If a combat feat you chose with Adaptive Fighting has a daily use limitation, you cannot use Versatile Fighting to use that feat more often than its daily limit.

Weapons, shields, medicinals, and serums are an essential part of any adventurer’s toolkit. Corporations throughout the universe are constantly producing new makes and models of existing equipment—and pushing the boundaries of technology and magic—to create a vast inventory from which individuals can choose. The following are some such items, and they follow all the normal equipment rules.

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