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Penthe Lucid Prowess (Combat)

You possess considerable prowess with dream crafted weaponry.

Prerequisite(s): Dream warrior racial trait, character level 3rd

Benefit(s): You gain the benefits of the Versatile Specialization feat with weapons crafted within the Dimension of Dreams that you are proficient with, including weapons manifested using the dream warrior racial trait. You can use the dream warrior racial trait to manifest a weapon an additional number of times per day equal to one-half your character level, rounded down. Additionally, the maximum item level of weapons you can manifest increases by 1. Your manifested weapons no longer vanish if you are not holding them. Other creatures cannot wield these unattended weapons, treating them as if they were illusions or holograms. A thrown manifested weapon still deals damage as normal, even though it has left your hands, and if you will it, such a weapon can be manifested with the returning fusion.

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