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Weapon Fusions

A weapon fusion is a small, prepackaged add-on that can be attached to any weapon to infuse it with magic. Adventurers use weapon fusions to customize their weapons for a specific enemy or to increase a weapon’s overall effectiveness. Weapon fusions are magic unless stated otherwise. While this causes the weapons they are installed in to be considered hybrid items, in truth the weapon and the fusion still operate separately. An ability that affects a magic item could affect the fusion installed in a weapon, but that would not prevent the weapon’s core function from operating normally unless the weapon was also independently a magic device. The hybridized fusion is an exception to this rule, as noted in its description. Weapons with fusions are considered magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Installing and Transferring Fusions

A fusion can be installed in a chosen weapon when it’s purchased or at any point afterward. It’s also possible, though difficult and fairly expensive, to transfer fusions from one weapon to another. Any character trained in Mysticism can transfer a fusion; this costs half as much as it would to initially purchase the fusion, using the level of the new weapon to determine the price. Characters trained in Engineering or Mysticism can also install fusions, if necessary (for instance, if the PCs find an unused fusion as part of a treasure cache, or in the case of a character who used Mysticism to craft a fusion). In either case, installing or transferring a fusion takes about 10 minutes of uninterrupted tinkering.

Fusion Seals

It is also possible to place a weapon fusion into a physical object, called a fusion seal, which can then be affixed to a specific weapon and even moved among different weapons. A fusion seal affects only weapons of a given level or less, as noted in parentheses after the name of the fusion seal. For example, a holy fusion seal that could be applied to any weapon of 10th level or lower would be written holy fusion seal (10th). Any decisions that must be made when a fusion is added to a weapon are made when a fusion seal is created, and they can’t be changed.

A fusion seal’s cost is based on the highest-level weapon the fusion seal can affect, and it is equal to 110% of the price of a weapon fusion for a weapon of that level. Removing a fusion seal and transferring it to a new weapon takes only 1 minute and does not require any specific skill training, but the fusion doesn’t function until the seal has been in place on a weapon for 24 hours. A fusion seal can’t be added to a weapon if doing so would cause the weapon’s total level of fusions (including the level of the fusion seal) to exceed its item level or if the weapon is not a legitimate choice for the fusion within the fusion seal. Grenades, ammunition, and other consumable items can benefit from fusion seals, but the fusion seal is destroyed when the item is used.

A fusion seal can take the form of nearly any medallion or symbol, and when affixed to a weapon, it can even alter the aesthetics of that weapon. A thundering fusion seal might cause a weapon to be etched with storm clouds, runes of weather, or possibly even symbols of a god of storms if affixed by a worshiper of such a god. However, these alterations of appearance are not enough to conceal a weapon’s basic function or type (a heavy reaction cannon with a vorpal fusion seal is still clearly a heavy reaction cannon, even if its appearance is altered to feature skulls and symbols of the Devourer). Fusion seals that alter weapons to feature a specific group’s iconography are often used by organizations as a way of unifying the appearance of their members’ weaponry.

Item Level

Each weapon fusion has an item level, and a fusion can’t be placed on a weapon that has a lower level than the fusion’s item level. Once it is attached to a weapon, a weapon fusion uses the weapon’s item level for any of the weapon fusion’s level-based effects.

Multiple Fusions and Multiple Targets

You can place multiple fusions on the same weapon, but only if the weapon’s item level is equal to or greater than the combined total of all the fusions’ item levels. A weapon cannot hold or benefit from additional fusions beyond this limit. A fusion that applies an effect to attacks applies it to all targets for spread weapons, automatic fire, explode weapons, and other effects with multiple targets.


The price of a weapon fusion depends on the item level of the weapon into which it’s being installed. Installing a fusion into a 7th-level weapon costs more than applying the same fusion into a 6th-level weapon, for instance. You can install a fusion into a grenade, a piece of ammunition, or another consumable item; such a fusion costs half the normal price of a weapon fusion for a weapon of the same level.

Table 7–13: Weapon Fusion Prices
Weapon’s Item Level Fusion Price
1 120
2 360
3 440
4 680
5 720
6 1,040
7 1,560
8 2,300
9 2,600
10 3,580
11 4,880
12 6,920
13 9,760
14 11,700
15 17,800
16 27,000
17 40,500
18 60,300
19 90,000
20 135,000


Name Level Summary
Anchoring 1 A weapon with the anchoring fusion has a chance to immobilize its targets.
Called 1 A weapon with the called fusion can be teleported to its owner’s hand as a swift action, even if the weapon is in the possession of another creature.
Defiant 1 A weapon with the defiant fusion resists efforts to be removed from its wielder.
Durable 1 The durable fusion uses magical runes and reinforcements to significantly increase a weapon’s toughness.
Glamered 1 As a standard action, a weapon with the glamered fusion can be commanded to change its appearance to assume the form of another object of similar size.
Hybridized 1 A weapon with the hybridized fusion replaces much of its technological functions with magic counterparts.
Illuminating 1 The illuminating fusion causes a weapon to gain the bright weapon special property.
Invigorating 1 The invigorating fusion fills its wielder with vigor when defeating foes.
Ominous 1 A weapon with the ominous fusion trails a shadowy haze behind it and moans a menacing dirge in battle.
Returning 1 You can add this fusion only to a weapon that has the thrown weapon special property.
Secured 1 The secured fusion ties the weapon to a single owner.
Soulfire 1 The soulfire fusion (and soulfire fusion seals) can only be applied to solarian weapon crystals.
Stabilizing 1 The stabilizing fusion helps you keep your orientation in zero gravity.
Trailblazer 1 A weapon with the trailblazer fusion manages to alter the nature of its attacks to overcome the penalties of some natural environmental effects.
Anarchic 2 The anarchic fusion imbues a weapon with divine energy from a chaotic deity.
Axiomatic 2 The axiomatic fusion imbues a weapon with divine energy from a lawful deity.
Blasting 2 The blasting fusion allows a weapon to make a single attack as a blast (see the blast weapon special property on page 180) once per day as a full action.
Burst 2 With the burst fusion, a weapon’s energy damage can form a small explosion that spills onto a second target.
Entangling 2 A weapon with the entangling fusion gains the entangle weapon special property.
Holy 2 A weapon with the holy fusion becomes blessed with divine energy from a good deity.
Inspiring 2 The inspiring fusion imbues a weapon with hope.
Merciful 2 A weapon with the merciful fusion often hums pleasantly when at rest and makes soft, airy musical noises when it is used to make an attack.
Opportunistic 2 The opportunistic fusion guides your accuracy when making attacks of opportunity and leaves your foes vulnerable to your attack.
Spellthrower 2 A weapon with the spellthrower fusion is able to have a single spell gem loaded into it at a time.
Throwing 2 The throwing fusion makes even the most cumbersome melee weapon usable as a thrown weapon.
Ulrikka Duster 2 Dwarven asteroid miners favor the Ulrikka duster fusion, which causes any weapon with it to take on an armored, stocky appearance.
Unholy 2 The unholy fusion imbues a weapon with divine energy from an evil deity.
Venomous 2 A weapon with the venomous fusion gains the injection weapon special property.
Astute 3 The fusion causes a weapon to become etched with glowing circuitry and ringed with faint blue-black flames.
Binding 3 Weapons with the binding fusion often feature decorative images of bars, gates, and manacles.
Conserving 3 Weapons with the conserving fusion preserve their ammunition and charges after a miss.
Deafening 3 With the deafening fusion, a weapon releases a blast of low-frequency sonic energy on impact.
Defending 3 Weapons with the defending fusion aid their wielder when blocking or fighting defensively.
Dispelling 3 A weapon with the dispelling fusion gathers spare wisps of latent magic during combat, which it can then unleash in a focused effort to dispel magic.
Disruptive 3 The disruptive fusion imbues a weapon with powerful positive energy designed to disrupt the magical forces that allow undead to exist.
Potent 3 The potent fusion boosts the DC of saving throws associated with the weapon.
Seeking 3 The seeking fusion causes an attack from a weapon to veer toward its target.
Sentinel 3 The sentinel fusion makes a weapon richly ornamented, sometimes even gold-plated, and often adds icons of vault doors.
Bonding 4 A creation of the Brethedan biotech firm Life Innovations, a bonding weapon melds into your limb when you draw it (its coloration changes to match your skin tone).
Burning 4 Weapons with the burning fusion often take on an appearance that includes numerous flame-like elements.
Manufacturing 4 Manufacturing weapon fusions are never without ammunition.
Tactical 4 You can add the tactical fusion only to a ranged weapon.
Vanishing 4 The vanishing fusion can hide its wielder from the sight of one foe.
Accurate 5 The accurate fusion bestows exceptional balance and handling on a weapon.
Apprehending 5 The apprehending fusion causes the weapon to grow spikes and overwrought iron fixtures, as befits its use by the Hellknights.
Bane 5 The bane fusion enhances the power of critical hits against certain foes.
Bleeding 5 The bleeding fusion weaves entropic energy into the weapon’s form.
Bombarding 5 The bombarding fusion allows a weapon to duplicate the effect of a single grenade that is loaded into an extradimensional space within the weapon.
Devastating 5 You can apply the devastating fusion only to a weapon with two or more critical hit effects.
Energetic 5 A projectile weapon with the energetic fusion relies on energy rather than physical ammunition to generate kinetic attacks.
Flaming 5 The flaming fusion imbues a weapon with the fiery power of a star.
Frost 5 The frost fusion imbues a weapon with the icy cold of a dead world far from its system’s sun.
Ghost Killer 5 Attacks from a weapon with this fusion deal full damage to incorporeal creatures.
Interposing 5 You can add the interposing fusion only to a melee weapon.
Limning 5 Successful attacks with a weapon with the limning fusion surround the target with a glowing aura.
Obscuring 5 A weapon with the obscuring fusion emits mist, smoke, or a similar obscuring vapor when wielded.
Punishing 5 Subsequent wounds from a weapon with the punishing fusion have greater effect.
Selective 5 With the selective weapon fusion, you can exclude a single target from a weapon’s area of effect.
Shock 5 The shock fusion weaves the electrical energy of the universe into the weapon’s form.
Vicious 5 Vicious weapons have sinister appearances.
Advancing 6 When you defeat a foe, a weapon with the advancing fusion draws you further into the fray.
Chained 6 Weapons with the chained fusion gain a short chain that dangles from the haft or handle.
Cruel 6 The cruel fusion feeds on fear and despair.
Dimensional Disruption 6 This fusion infuses the disruption of kishalee weapons into the weapon’s output.
Ensnaring 6 The ensnaring fusion binds the target on a critical hit.
Knockdown 6 With the knockdown fusion, a weapon disrupts a target’s center of gravity.
Menacing 6 A weapon with the menacing fusion aggressively pushes against your foe’s guard, making way for other attackers.
Nanite 6 The nanite fusion gives a weapon the nanite burst critical effect.
Spellbane 6 A weapon with the spellbane fusion gains the spellbane critical hit effect.
Charge Disrupting 7 A weapon with the charge disrupting fusion disrupts power sources.
Mind Reading 7 Scoring a critical hit with a weapon with the mind rending fusion damages the psyche of the creature struck.
Tattoo 7 Popular among the Xun of the Golden League, a tattoo weapon can be hidden in the form of a tattoo on your body.
Wounding 7 The wounding fusion causes a weapon to deal exceptionally traumatic damage.
Annihilator 8 A weapon with the annihilator fusion looks corroded, worn, and crudely formed.
Continuous 8 The continuous fusion lets a weapon with the line special property sustain fire continuously by expending additional charges.
Guarded 8 The guarded fusion guides timing so that ranged attacks don’t leave the wielder vulnerable.
Leeching 8 The leeching weapon fusion gives a weapon the leech critical hit effect.
Rebounding 8 The rebounding fusion lets you bounce your attacks off a wall to reach your target.
Synesthetic 8 A weapon with the synesthetic fusion carries a trace of the Dreamers’ psychic energies.
Temporal Disruption 8 With this fusion, a weapon’s energy damage can slow down the rate of subatomic movement in the target.
Tritidair 8 An installed tritidair fusion causes a weapon to show a star field with one bright constellation, similar to the patterns on tritidair wings.
Beneficent 9 When you score a critical hit against a significant enemy with a weapon that has the beneficent fusion, you gain one charge of beneficence.
Corrosive 9 The corrosive fusion weaves the destructive power of acid into the weapon’s form.
Malediction 9 Once per day when you successfully attack a foe with a weapon with the malediction fusion, as a reaction you can cast bestow curse on the target as a spell-like ability (using the weapon’s item level as the caster level).
Ratjaw 9 Famously linked to criminals who worship Lao Shu Po, the ratjaw fusion aids in disarming and robbing foes.
Thundering 9 The thundering fusion imbues a weapon with heightened frequency vibrations.
Nullifying 10 Damage from a weapon with the nullifying fusion temporarily reduces spell resistance.
Tracking 10 The tracking fusion lets you locate a creature recently damaged by the weapon.
Vorpal 10 With the vorpal fusion, a weapon can tear between the molecules of a creature.