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Grenade, Pheromone

Though scientists understand little about how a vracinea’s paralyzing scent affects the brain, weapon designers across the galaxy have been inspired by its effects and have replicated them with custom hybrid grenades. When it bursts, a pheromone grenade deals no damage, instead dispersing a powerful cocktail of supercharged pheromones and magically modified mind-altering chemicals in the listed blast radius. Each creature in the radius that inhales the pheromones (which bypass even active environmental protections from a suit of armor) must attempt a Will saving throw. A creature that fails its save is fascinated for a number of rounds equal to the grenade’s mark number as they gaze in wonder at sparkling trails that only they can see. A creature that succeeds at its save is immune to the effects of pheromone grenades for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting effect.

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