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Yellow Dwarf Tier 3

Yellow Dwarf Tier 3

Medium explorer

Speed 8; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift —
AC 17; TL 17
HP 55; DT —; CT 11
Shields basic 40 (forward 10, port 10, starboard 10, aft 10)
Attack (Forward) high explosive missile launcher (4d8)
Attack (Port) coilgun (4d4)
Attack (Starboard) coilgun (4d4)
Attack (Turret) light particle beam (3d6)
Power Core Pulse Green (150 PCU); Hyperspace Engine none; Systems advanced mid-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 1 mononode computer, mk 4 armor, mk 4 defenses; Expansion Bays brig, cargo holds (2), passenger seating; Modifiers +1 on any one check per round, +4 Computers (sensors only), +1 PilotingComplement 5 (minimum 1, maximum 6)


Captain Diplomacy +13 (3 ranks), gunnery +6, Piloting +8 (3 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +13 (3 ranks), gunnery +6
Gunner gunnery +7
Pilot gunnery +7, Piloting +14 (3 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +12 (3 ranks), Engineering +8 (3 ranks)


A Yellow Dwarf boasts decent weaponry to deter any ne’er-do-wells, as well as a brig to hold captured miscreants. A Yellow Dwarf can also ferry cargo and passengers, such as dignitaries, when necessary. Most Yellow Dwarfs lack a hyperspace engine, but each crew’s tour of duty can last for several months, and so the ship has comfortable crew quarters and a galley. Some captains convert their passenger seating into a recreation area to help keep the crew entertained and fit during long assignments.

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