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Voidrunner Tier 1/3

Tiny racer

Few ships can match the speed and maneuverability of a Voidrunner, making it the perfect ship for daredevils, elite combat pilots looking to rely on skill rather than heavy arms and armor, and criminals in need of a fast getaway.

Speed 12; Maneuverability perfect (turn 0)
AC 15; TL 14
HP 20; DT —; CT 4
Shields basic 10 (forward 3, port 2, starboard 2, aft 3)
Attack (Forward) gyrolaser (1d8)
Power Core Micron Heavy (70 PCU); Hyperspace Engine none; Systems basic computer, basic mid-range sensors, mk 2 armor, mk 1 defenses; Expansion Bays none
Modifiers +2 Computers, +1 Piloting; Complement 1