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Titan Hauler Tier 9

Huge bulk freighter

Despite its formidable array of weapons and sensors, the Titan Hauler is optimized for freight, carrying huge loads within its beetle-like frame. Its partially organic nature aids in this capacity, as sphincter doors and expandable chambers can resize themselves to accommodate any cargo.

Speed 6; Maneuverability poor (turn 3); Hyperspace 1; AC 22; TL 21
HP 200; DT 5; CT 40
Shields medium 100 (forward 25, port 25, starboard 25, aft 25)
Attack (Forward) maser (6d10)
Attack (Aft) particle beam (8d6)
Attack (Turret) heavy plasma torpedo launcher (3d8), heavy plasma torpedo launcher (3d8)
Power Core Nova Ultra (300 PCU); Hyperspace Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 5 armor, mk 5 defenses, mk 3 mononode computer; Expansion Bays cargo holds (5), escape pods (5)
Modifiers +3 any one check per round, +2 Computers; Complement 35