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Medium living ship

Oma are vast creatures, often called “space whales,” that travel endlessly through the inky void. They magically project electromagnetic fields that shield them from the effects of the vacuum as well as from the particulate rings and dense atmospheres of the gas giants in which they usually feed, extracting energy and nutrients with their energy baleen (see Oma)

Maneuverability average (+0 Piloting, turn 2)
HP 85 (increment 15); DT —; CT 17
Mounts forward arc (1 heavy, 1 light), port arc (1 light), starboard arc (1 light), aft arc (1 light)
Expansion Bays 6


Minimum Crew 1; Maximum Crew 6 Cost 20


Hyperspace Resistant (Ex)

An oma’s body must be specially refitted to accommodate hyperspace travel; installing a hyperspace engine in an oma increases the price of the engine by 50%.

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