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Hiveguard Tier 6

Large destroyer

Shirrens may prefer peace to war, but they still remember the terrifying capabilities of their former slave masters, the Swarm. These destroyers employ much of the same technology to create swift, deadly warships that can be operated by a small crew.

Speed 8; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Hyperspace 1; AC 19; TL 19
HP 170; DT —; CT 34
Shields light 60 (forward 15, port 15, starboard 15, aft 15)
Attack (Forward) heavy laser net (5d6), twin laser (5d8)
Attack (Port) flak thrower (3d4)
Attack (Starboard) flak thrower (3d4)
Attack (Turret) light torpedo launcher (2d8)
Power Core Arcus Maximum (200 PCU); Hyperspace Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 4 armor, mk 4 defenses, mk 1 trinode computer; Expansion Bays cargo bay, escape pods (3)
Modifiers +1 any three checks per round, +2 Computers; Complement 13