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Drone MK III Tier 1

Small light freighter

As befits their name, drones are extremely common and used as freight, personnel transport, light colonial defense, and more. Despite the ships’ mass production, each ship’s iridescent paint job is unique.

Speed 8; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Hyperspace 1; AC 14; TL 13
HP 40; DT —; CT 8
Shields basic 10 (forward 3, port 2, starboard 2, aft 3)
Attack (Forward) linked gyrolasers (2d8)
Attack (Port) light torpedo launcher (2d8)
Attack (Starboard) light torpedo launcher (2d8)
Power Core Pulse Brown (90 PCU); Hyperspace Engine Signal Basic; Systems budget mid-range sensors, crew quarters (basic), mk 2 armor, mk 1 defenses, mk 1 mononode computer; Expansion Bays cargo holds (2), escape pods
Modifiers +1 any one check per round, +1 Piloting; Complement 6