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Deathbringer Tier 14

Gargantuan battleship

The Deathbringer sails through the void like the corpse of some vast whale, but its organic aesthetics belie the cutting-edge technology of its construction. Within its gullet hang ranks of deathgliders and other fighters, their undead pilots able to stay ready at their stations indefinitely. Without life support on many decks, the ship is very difficult to take down, and big sections (such as the hangars) stand airless and open to space by design.

Speed 4; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Hyperspace 1; AC 27; TL 27
HP 400; DT 10; CT 80
Shields heavy 240 (forward 60, port 60, starboard 60, aft 60)
Attack (Forward) heavy laser cannon (4d8), super EMP cannon (special)
Attack (Port) heavy laser array (6d4)
Attack (Starboard) heavy laser array (6d4)
Attack (Aft) Tactical nuclear missile launcher (5d8)
Attack (Turret) heavy torpedo launcher (5d8), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8)
Power Core Gateway Heavy (400 PCU); Hyperspace Engine Signal Basic; Systems advanced mid-range sensors, basic computer, crew quarters (common), mk 7 armor, mk 8 defenses, security (biometric locks); Expansion Bays hangar bays (2)
Modifiers +4 Computers, +2 Piloting; Complement 200


  • Captain Diplomacy +25 (14 ranks), gunnery +25, Intimidate +30 (14 ranks), Piloting +25 (14 ranks)
  • Engineers (3 officers, 35 crew each) Engineering +25 (14 ranks)
  • Gunners (5 officers, 15 crew each) gunnery +25
  • Pilot (1 officer, 5 crew) Piloting +32 (14 ranks)
  • Science Officer (1 officer, 4 crew) Computers +29 (14 ranks)