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This site presents a handful of common (or at least well-known) ship models. While these have been divided into particular groups, this doesn’t mean that only characters of that group can be found flying these ships. Rather, each group reflects the stylistic differences in starships designs and chassis due to the cultural heritage and preferences of the manufacturers.

Even within a given group, however, starships are not uniform. While more unusual ships—from Shadowtears, whose tortured pilots lance through enemy formations like spears, to the massive Cathedralships, whose proprietary archon drives carry legions of armored crusaders to regions of the galaxy under threat—aren’t detailed here, they do exist. Whatever your specific needs, there’s a starships company out there ready to build you the perfect ship—if you can afford it!

The most common ship designs have blended together so thoroughly that most are no longer strongly associated with any particular race, but simply with the system as a whole.

Ships tend to share certain similar features. Many of the smaller freighters and fighters show their evolution from atmospheric jet fighters and orbital spacecraft, with functional wings, fins, and streamlined profiles. This grace gives way to the blocky bulk of larger ships that will never be used in an atmosphere, yet even massive ships like the ATech Immortal Series—a staple of the Stewards’ peacekeeping fleet—possess a certain severe, military beauty.

No one is likely to confuse a dwarven rock-hopper for a big-bellied, ysoki-operated trader, let alone an autofreighter or carrier. Even ships of the same model can still vary wildly thanks to paint schemes, decorative body flourishes, and other aftermarket modifications, and many captains choose their ships’ aesthetics as carefully as their own clothes. Certain factions employ only a single brand of ship, while others are a hodgepodge of makes and Models.