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Voidglass is a jagged black crystal with a cloudy blue core that pulses when held by a sapient creature. Nurtured by grioths in the lightless depths of space and composed of solidified psychic anguish, voidglass resonates with the minds of those who wield it—intensifying their aggression, bolstering their mental defenses, and focusing their thoughts. The material’s potency increases when used by or against telepathic beings.

Weapons and ammunition crafted from voidglass psychically assault the target’s mind with the wielder’s violent thoughts. Voidglass weapons and ammunition gain a +1 enhancement bonus to damage rolls and the demoralize critical hit effect. For melee weapons, this enhancement bonus increases by +1 for every six item levels the weapon has, up to +4 at 18th level. Targets that are immune to mind-affecting effects are immune to the bonus damage granted by voidglass. The penalty on Intimidate checks to demoralize foes with a voidglass weapon’s demoralize critical effect is reduced by 2 when wielded by, or used against, a creature with telepathy or limited telepathy. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, choose each time whether to apply the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the demoralize critical hit effect.

Shards of voidglass can be embedded or woven into the material of any armor or shield in order to enhance its wearer’s psychic defenses. Wearing armor or wielding a shield that contains voidglass grants you a +1 enhancement bonus to saves against mind-affecting effects. If you have telepathy or limited telepathy, increase your telepathy’s range by half.

Object Price
Ammunition (1 piece) +70 credits
Armor, shield, or weapon +4,500 credits
Raw material (1 bulk) 1,125 credits