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Siccatite is a shining silver metal that is extremely resilient to thermal energy. When found naturally, it is incredibly cold until exposed to extreme heat, at which point it becomes incredibly hot. The process for switching siccatite between these two states is difficult; hot siccatite must be quenched in temperatures of –250º F or colder for at least 24 hours, while cold siccatite must be heated in temperatures of 5,000º F or hotter for at least 24 hours. Objects formed completely of siccatite are immune to cold damage and fire damage, making them crucial components in items that are in constant contact with severe heat or cold.

A weapon made of cold siccatite that deals cold damage, whether inherently or from a weapon fusion, deals 1 extra cold damage plus 1 extra cold damage per 6 item levels, up to +4 at 18th level. A weapon made of hot siccatite that deals fire damage gains the same amount of extra fire damage.

When a siccatite weapon is used in combat, the siccatite molecules become excited and radiate the starmetal’s associated energy type. If you wield a hot siccatite weapon, you take 1 fire damage when you hit a target with the weapon.

Similarly, a cold siccatite weapon you wield deals you 1 cold damage when you hit with it. You take this damage only once per round.

Ammunition isn’t made of siccatite, as it tends to damage a weapon made of other materials and doesn’t provide additional benefits if used with a weapon already made of siccatite.

The temperature of pure siccatite makes it unsuitable as the sole material for wearable items for most species. However, armor can have siccatite as part of its composite material.

Wearing armor that is integrated with siccatite provides you cold and fire resistance 3.