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Nicknamed “ghost iron”, inubrix is the softest of the starmetals.

Due to the metal’s unique structure, inubrix molecules can realign to pass through submolecular spaces in denser materials.

Inubrix sees use in complex machinery, especially in collapsible or miniaturized technologies. In its pure form, inubrix is too soft to function as a building material. Items using inubrix are made of an alloy of inubrix and another metal, often platinum, the dense molecular structure of the latter serving to anchor the former in place.

Inubrix alloy weapons and ammunition ignore hardness of 10 or less. If a critical hit effect from an inubrix weapon requires a saving throw, the save DC increases by 2. This increase also applies to the injection DC +2 critical hit effect, provided the weapon doing the injecting, such as the dart of a needler pistol, is made of inubrix. A melee weapon made of inubrix alloy can also pass slightly into other solid objects, giving the wielder extra leverage for disarm attempts; this advantage grants a melee weapon made of inubrix alloy the disarm special property.