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Horacalcum, the rarest starmetal, has a dull copper color and warps space-time around itself on a quantum level. For this reason, horacalcum is a component for stasis chambers and other items that halt, reverse, or rewind the aging process.

Some technomancers theorize that horacalcum might hold the key to using magic to unlock and command the flow of time.

Weapons or ammunition fashioned from horacalcum temporarily distort time’s flow for enemies struck, causing the staggered critical hit effect. A melee weapon made of horacalcum that already has the staggered critical hit effect increases its save DC by 2, as does a weapon firing ammunition made of the metal. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, choose each time whether to apply the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the staggered effect.

Horacalcum can also be spun into metallic fiber and interwoven with armor. Armor modified with horacalcum grants you a +1 enhancement bonus to initiative checks and a +2 enhancement bonus to saving throws against effects that would inflict the staggered condition.