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Abysium, also called feverstone, is a radioactive metal distinguished by its blue-green glow. It is believed to form when asteroids transmute, in part, into abysium in the darkness of space where boundaries between the Material Plane and the Abyss are thin. Abysium can be used as a power source, and it is sometimes used in higher-capacity batteries.

Weapons and ammunition fashioned from abysium emanate low radiation (Core Rulebook 403) in a spherical area equal to the space of the intended wielder—Medium and Small weapons have a radius of 5 feet, Large weapons have a radius of 10 feet, and so on. Weapons and ammunition fashioned from abysium gain the bright weapon special property, as well as a critical hit effect that inflicts the sickened condition; the target can attempt a Fortitude saving throw to negate this poison effect, which otherwise lasts 1d4 rounds. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, when you score a critical hit, you can apply either the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the sickened effect.

If a melee weapon that has the powered weapon special property is made from abysium, reduce its usage by 1. If the weapon has a usage of 1, increase its usage to up to 2 minutes of operation (rather than the normal 1 minute). This aspect of abysium can be applied to melee weapons that deal only energy damage (though not solarian weapon crystals of any type).