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Sophic Philter Magic Item (Serum)

Level 11; Price 4,500; Bulk

Through a form of biofeedback meditation, a philosopher worm can emit a bluish jelly infused with luminous motes that grants a creature that ingests it a prophetic vision along with a mark of friendship to insectile species. Creating one of these sophic philters takes only about 20 minutes but requires the worm’s active consent. A philosopher worm can make such a philter only once every several months, and tradition causes them to do so only to reward someone worthy of their gratitude.

Emitted from a willing philosopher worm’s magical cells, a sophic philter grants you a brief vision that attempts to answer whatever question is foremost in your mind when you drink it. This vision functions as if you cast a divination spell, but you spend no Resolve Point and have no chance of failure. In addition, tiny glowing runes matching the worm’s appear on or around your sensory organs, granting you a +4 insight bonus to Diplomacy checks against insectile creatures of any creature type for 1 week.

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