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Gravity Serum

Level 3

Source SFAA2

Price 320 Bulk L

Pharmaceutical experts have developed ways to adapt the contents of hashukayaks’ sundry glands to grant consumers some of the creatures’ resilience in high-gravity environments. Regularly consuming this gravity serum can lead to increased bone density and muscle growth, making it a popular supplement for athletes. However, the long-term effects of this serum remain untested, with apocryphal reports of unseemly hair growth and difficulty processing meat. Many sports leagues ban the substance on principle.

This follows the rules for serums presented.

Gravity serum is a combination of hashukayak hormones and proteins that have been magically stabilized and adapted for use by a wide variety of life-forms. For 1 hour after you consume a gravity serum, you treat your Strength as 4 higher for the purposes of determining how much you can carry.

Furthermore, while in an area of high gravity, you can move at three-quarters your speed, jump three-quarters as far as normal, and lift three-quarters as much weight, rather than half your normal values. You also reduce the nonlethal bludgeoning damage dealt by extreme gravity environments by half.