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Arclord’s Rod

Source SAP1

An Arclord’s rod is a scepter-like device roughly 3 feet long, made of copper and capped with smoke-colored silver. These rods were used by powerful spellcasters known as Arclords.

An Arclord’s rod is a magic weapon that can be used to make either melee or ranged attacks, but it can be used only for a single attack each round. A mk 1 Arclord’s rod functions as a static shock truncheon for melee attacks and as a pulsecaster pistol for ranged attacks. A mk 2 Arclord’s rod functions as an aurora shock truncheon and a static arc pistol. A mk 3 Arclord’s rod functions as a storm shock truncheon and an aurora arc pistol. A mk 4 Arclord’s rod functions as a tempest shock truncheon and a storm arc pistol. An Arclord’s rod has an unlimited capacity (it never runs out of charges) and has the analog and unwieldy special properties. Proficiency with both advanced melee weapons and small arms is necessary to use an Arclord’s rod without penalty for melee and ranged attacks, respectively.

Once per day when you cast a spell with the electricity descriptor while wielding an Arclord’s rod, you can add a thunderclap effect (which makes half of the spell’s damage sonic damage) and a rain squall effect (which creates a fog cloud, as per the spell of the same name, centered on the target or the center of the spell’s area and lasting for 10 minutes) to the spell.