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Source SAP1

Ungarato has a distinct appearance that is unlike any other specific model of longarm. It has a misty, spectral quality, but the weapon is as solid as any other. Ungarato functions as a paragon X-gen gun, and its bayonet is a molecular rift dueling sword, both of which have the ghost killer fusion.

Two hands are required to wield Ungarato, and proficiency with basic melee weapons and heavy weapons is necessary to use the weapon without penalty for melee and ranged attacks, respectively.

Ungarato glows with a bright, sickly green color whenever there is a creature of the undead type within 50 feet of its wielder, though the weapon gives no indication of the direction or number of undead within that range. Each time its wielder suffers the full effects of a critical hit (when damage reduction, energy resistance, or some other effect does not reduce the damage dealt or prevent any critical hit effect), Ungarato gains 1 point of viciousness. Whenever Ungarato scores a critical hit, it automatically spends 1 point of viciousness (if it has any) and adds the severe wound critical hit effect to the critical damage dealt. Any unused points of viciousness fade at the rate of 1 per hour. Ungarato also restores 10 Hit Points to its wielder (functioning as per mystic cure) each time it scores a critical hit (whether or not it has any points of viciousness).

Ungarato is a unique artifact of extreme power and legendary reputation; as such, the weapon is effectively priceless and cannot simply be purchased. Indeed, its current owner and whereabouts are unknown, though Ungarato is widely believed to have resurfaced recently somewhere on Absalom Station. Legend claims that Ungarato was once sentient and held great powers that only functioned in the hands of a runelord, but there’s no modern evidence to support either claim. Similarly, it is believed that only the rightful Runelord of Gluttony can break the weapon; Ungarato is otherwise impervious to damage or destruction.