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Psychic Inhibitor Magic Item

Level 15; Price 120,000; Bulk 1

Crafted from shards of crystal and held together with an organic, waxy substance, a psychic inhibitor has the ability to disrupt telepathic communications. You can hold a psychic inhibitor in one hand and activate it once per day as a standard action by picturing a complex series of geometric shapes in your mind. When you do so, each creature with the limited telepathy or telepathy ability within 100 feet (including yourself) must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + half your level + your key ability score modifier) or have their mind flooded with unbearable psychic noise.

Each affected creature loses its limited telepathy or telepathy ability and takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls, a –4 penalty to Will saving throws, and a –8 penalty to Intelligence -, Wisdom -, and Charisma -based skills for 1 hour. This is a mind-affecting effect. A creature that succeeds at its save can’t be affected by the same psychic inhibitor for 1 week.

A psychic inhibitor comes with four attuned psychic disinhibitors (these are created at the same time as the psychic inhibitor and are included in the price). A psychic disinhibitor is a flexible disk 1 inch in diameter that can be affixed to a creature’s skin (preferably near the brain) to make the creature immune to the attuned psychic inhibitor’s effects.

A psychic disinhibitor counts as a worn magic item.

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