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Anvil of the Maker

Source SAP1

Anvils of the maker are extremely rare and highly valued relics. Each anvil consists of a heavy iron block anchored to a 5-foot-diameter stone base engraved with magical runes and symbols. Anvils of the Maker are much prized by dwarf collectors and the crafting guilds of dwarven star citadels, as the anvils are seen as a tangible link to the patron god of the dwarves.

While non-dwarf collectors often consider an anvil of the Maker too precious to use, most dwarves think it’s ridiculous to have a crafting relic and not actually use it.

An anvil of the Maker aids in crafting equipment and magic items. If you use an anvil of the Maker while crafting an item, you are considered to have 2 additional ranks in the appropriate crafting skill, allowing you to craft items of higher level than you would normally be able to create. A given anvil of the Maker can be used to craft only one item per day.

Due its bulk and size, an anvil of the Maker is generally not portable and must be properly anchored before use. An anvil of the Maker can be installed on a starship in an arcane laboratory, a cargo hold, or a tech workshop, or it can be placed anywhere with room to store a Large vehicle.