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Aeon Stones

Aeon stones are magic gemstones that orbit your head (or the nearest equivalent of a head, for species that lack heads) and grant you a constant magic effect. They do not count toward your worn magic item limit, and there’s no limit to the number you can have orbiting you. They are most common in the Azlanti Star Empire, which also has unique ways of using such stones, but the most common types of aeon stones can be found in magic shops in many major settlements. Aeon stones are categorized by their shape and color, with all stones of the same shape and color having the same magic abilities.

Placing an aeon stone in orbit around your head is a standard action, and removing it is a move action. An aeon stone must be in orbit for you to benefit from its abilities. The stone orbits at a distance of 3 inches to 3 feet, as you prefer, but always outside any armor or helmet you wear. An orbiting aeon stone has an Armor Class equal to 12 + your character level, and it can be attacked directly or even grappled (a successful grapple check plucks the stone out of its orbit and into the attacker’s hand).

Most aeon stones (including all those presented here) are capable of glowing with a bright light. As a standard action, you can activate or deactivate the illumination of an aeon stone, which glows brightly enough to increase the light level in your square by one step (see Vision and Light).

Each aeon stone also has at least one other power that comes into effect when in orbit around you, detailed in the individual descriptions below.

Aeon Stone, Clear Spindle

Source SF:CRB

Level 1; Price 245; Bulk —

This aeon stone sustains you by negating the need for food or water.

Aeon Stone, Iridescent Spindle

Source SF:CRB

Level 2; Price 740; Bulk —

This aeon stone sustains you by negating the need to breathe.

Aeon Stone, Cloudy Blue Rhomboid

Source SF#8

Level 3; Price 1,300; Bulk —

While this aeon stone orbits you, as a reaction while falling, you can cast flight (1st level), targeting only yourself (caster level 3rd). This aeon stone can be activated once per day.

Aeon Stone, Opalescent White Pyramid

Source SF#8

Level 3; Price 1,400; Bulk —

While this aeon stone orbits you, you have proficiency with one kind of weapon (laser pistol, plasma doshko, zero pistol, and so on) at all item levels. Each stone of this type is keyed to a particular kind of weapon when it is created. Changing the type of weapon an existing opalescent white pyramid aeon stone is keyed to requires time and 3 ranks in Mysticism, as if you were crafting the aeon stone, but this alteration has no cost.

Aeon Stone, Amber Hyperboloid

Source SF:A

Level 4; Price 2,200; Bulk —

Amber hyperboloids were first manufactured as defensive devices for law enforcement agents. While this aeon stone orbits you, you have DR 1/— and energy resistance 1 against all energy types, but both apply only to damage from ranged attacks.

Aeon Stone, Bright Yellow Cabochon

Source SF#8

Level 4; Price 2,000; Bulk —

While this aeon stone orbits you, you gain a +4 insight bonus to Culture checks to decipher exotic, intricate, or very old writing. In addition, once per day as a standard action, this aeon stone can be activated to cast comprehend languages as a 1st-level spell (caster level 4th).

Aeon Stone, Scarlet Prism

Source SFS-RG#1-27

Level 4; Price 2,140; Bulk —

A scarlet prism aeon stone stores a single charge that it can discharge as a tiny laser beam, functioning identically to an azimuth optical laser augmentation. The aeon stone cannot be immediately recharged by spending a Resolve Point, but while its charge is spent, it provides its user with fire resistance 5 that applies only against laser attacks. When a laser attack inflicts enough damage to the user to bypass this resistance, the aeon stone immediately becomes recharged, no longer providing resistance until it is discharged again.

Aeon Stone, Sapphire Cone

Source SF:A

Level 5; Price 3,200; Bulk —

Aballonian corporations initially distributed sapphire cones, but none of those businesses have a clear claim to the original device. While this aeon stone orbits you, you have limited telepathy you can use only with creatures that have the technological subtype and are within 100 feet of you.

Aeon Stone, Ruby Sphere

Source SF#8

Level 6; Price 3,850; Bulk —

While this aeon stone orbits you, it functions as a comm unit and a tier 3 computer with an artificial personality upgrade that you can access directly through your nervous system without needing a user interface. While the stone orbits you, you are aware of any attempt to connect to it and can grant access if you wish. This computer can be upgraded as normal, and the upgrades are all magical. The stone is magically powered, so the computer doesn’t need a power source.

Aeon Stone, Viridian Balbis

Source SF:A

Level 6; Price 4,200; Bulk —

While this aeon stone orbits you, your speed increases by 10 feet; this enhancement bonus applies to any movement speed you have.

Aeon Stone, Purple Sphere

Source SF:AA

Level 7; Price 7,500; Bulk —

This aeon stone creates an invisible force field around you that functions as a purple force field. The stone has a daily capacity of 10 charges and fully recharges itself every 24 hours.

Aeon Stone, Dark Blue Rhomboid

Source SF:CRB

Level 10; Price 18,000; Bulk —

This aeon stone grants you a +2 insight bonus to Perception and Sense Motive skill checks.

Aeon Stone, Alabaster Helix

Source SF:A

Level 11; Price 30,000; Bulk —

Rumor says the first alabaster helix originated on a hidden world. This aeon stone must adjust to your physiology by orbiting you for 24 hours. If the stone stops orbiting you for more than 1 minute, it must readjust to you. The stone can orbit you while you’re prone or unconscious, but it stops orbiting you if you die. While the alabaster helix orbits and remains adjusted to you, you regain 1 Hit Point per hour. You can have only one alabaster helix adjusted to your physiology at a time.

Aeon Stone, Pearly White Spindle

Source SF:CRB

Level 11; Price 25,000; Bulk —

This aeon stone increases your caster level by 1. This affects only calculations that directly refer to your caster level, such as caster level checks and spells with a duration of 1 round/level. It does not affect your spells known or spells per day. If you do not normally have a caster level, this does not give you any ability to know or cast spells.

Aeon Stone, Iridescent Trillian

Source SF#8

Level 12; Price 32,000; Bulk —

While this aeon stone orbits you, when you are hit by a ranged attack, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to attempt a Reflex saving throw with a +6 enhancement bonus. If your saving throw result equals or exceeds the result of the attack roll that hit you, the aeon stone deflects the attack, and it deals you no damage or other effect. This deflection doesn’t work against area attacks.

Aeon Stone, Kaleidoscopic Icosahedron

Source SF:A

Level 12; Price 35,000; Bulk —

While the stone orbits you, if you roll a d20 and you dislike the result, as a reaction you can reroll the d20 and use the better result. Alternatively, as a reaction when you are the target of an attack, you can force the attacker to reroll the d20 and use the worse result. Once you have used the stone to cause a reroll, you can’t do so again for 24 hours, and you can benefit from no other kaleidoscopic icosahedron during this time.

Aeon Stone, Obsidian Annulus

Source SF:A

Level 13; Price 55,000; Bulk —

The first obsidian annuluses appeared as protective devices worn by important Azlanti agents. While this aeon stone orbits you, when you are the target of a spell or spell-like ability, you can spend 1 Resolve point as a reaction to gain spell resistance equal to 11 + half your character level. This spell resistance ends after the effect that triggered your reaction is resolved. The aeon stone can’t provide you spell resistance for 1 hour thereafter, and you can’t gain spell resistance from any obsidian annulus during this time.

Aeon Stone, Silver Lemniscate

Source SF:A

Level 14; Price 65,000; Bulk —

While the silver lemniscate orbits you, whenever you are about to end your turn with the dying condition, the silver lemniscate stabilizes you. At the start of your next turn, you regain 1 Hit Point. After providing you this benefit, the silver lemniscate can’t do so again for 24 hours, and you can’t benefit from a different silver lemniscate for 24 hours.