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Blackraven Axe

Source SAP1

Blackraven axes were magic weapons wielded by elite warriors.

Many different Blackraven axes have been found, and all are basic melee weapons with the archaic special property.

A Blackraven axe typically has a head shaped like a raven’s beak or a stylized raven inscribed on its blade, and it has the ability to cause its targets to burst into flames—a quality that proved especially useful against the trolls the original Blackravens faced. Modern spellcasters have recreated this magic as the burning weapon fusion (see below). Modern Blackraven axes are often created by applying the burning weapon fusion to a tactical battleaxe.

A tactical battleaxe is a 5th-level, one-handed advanced melee weapon that deals 1d8 slashing damage and has the wound critical hit effect. It has the analog special property, has 1 bulk, and costs 2,650 credits. A tactical Blackraven axe is presented in the table on page 50, and the price includes both the weapon and the fusion.