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Vital Seed

Bioengineered to grow specific chemicals and cellular structures, even those that replicate animal or humanoid flesh, vital seeds come packed in tiny capsules of First World soil to make them grow at alarming speeds. The specific effect depends on the purpose for which the seed was bioengineered. Vital seeds can grow livestock and plants, replace missing organs, and perform many other useful tasks. Some common vital seeds are listed here.

Vital Seed, Zeolite

Level 10; Price 5,000; Bulk —

As a standard action, you can squeezezeolite vital seed and place it on the ground or throw it (range 20 feet). A crystalline structure grows from the seed instantaneously, creating difficult terrain in its square. The structure absorbs radiation in its square and all adjacent squares, and it diminishes the severity of radiation within 30 feet of it by one step. Creatures in the area the zeolite vital seed affects gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against radiation sickness.

Vital Seed, Beast

Level 4; Price 650; Bulk —

As a standard action, you can squeezebeast vital seed and place it on the ground or throw it (range 20 feet). A Medium First World beast grows from the seed instantaneously as if you had just completed casting the 3rd-level version of the summon creature spell. Rather than obeying your commands, the creature is initially friendly toward you.

Vital Seed, Regrower

Level 17; Price 40,000; Bulk —

As a standard action, you can swallow a regrower vital seed. This allows you to regain 12d8 Hit Points and removes the exhausted and fatigued conditions. Any lost organs and limbs also start regrowing. If you can reattach a missing part, this regrowth takes only 1 round. Otherwise, it takes 2d10 rounds.

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